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  1. Watching them cross the rainbow bridge... losing a best friend, family member, and loved one is terribly hard.

  2. I'm no Trump fan, don't get me wrong, but I'm like 90% sure Cheney was involved in 9/11...

  3. Guy gave like three different accounts of where he was that day!

  4. Naw man that's the twist. It was his great-great-grandfather and the inspiration for Robin playing Mrs. Doubtfire.

  5. Can't wait to see what kind of little quips he has at his Jan 06 trial. Should be gold right?

  6. I saw this on another post but can we start normalizing calling China west Taiwan or mainland Taiwan? They'll hate it

  7. The most recent meal I had was last night. It's a lot so get ready... first we had pizza, but then someone came in with chicken. So I made myself a taco because it looked really good. Then someone came in with lasagna, and that also looked really good... so I had some of that too. I ate too much but it was my grandmas birthday so why not. I finished it all off with some cake

  8. 6 hour slow roasted pulled pork that I turned into Mongolian BBQ and had served on top of broccoli fried rice. It was almost as tasty looking as this keyboard is!

  9. Charlie's vision of her future shows Jake choking on a sandwich. I assume it's this. What's strange is normally he would just stretch to fit it so I'm assuming there was something else going on with his powers at the time, like when the donut witch took his powers or when Warren Ampersand did the same.

  10. True but I’m pretty sure that it changed to her and she said something about those being her twenties.

  11. Yes but 20s for a dog that aged to her level in 1 year. The hybrid pups age extremely fast and live long apparently. I think it's plausible

  12. I hope to God this shit is fake. Way to ruin a game with potential by making it pay to win

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