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  1. This is why I keep a journal of my bowel movements and mail it to the NSA every month in case they might find it useful

  2. Taking drugs is against nature, Huamans evolved to simply meditate, eat hot chip, and lie. No durgs. No peace.

  3. It's honestly quite sad how normalized taking ADHD meds has become. I know some people who take Ritalin just to study for exams

  4. Why is that sad? Stimulants have been used by humanity for thousands of years.

  5. I'm gonna make a controversial statement and say that I have never dreamed that my grandma brushed my face with an organic, free range, locally sourced, pubic hair brush. It's anticompetitive, antitrade, and anticapitalist.

  6. I pee up to like 20 times a day, which apparently isn't normal if you're not diabetic, so when I asked my doctor about it her suggestion was to just stop peeing so much. Never would've thought of that on my own

  7. Inspirational: A man in your neighborhood gets up everyday at 5 am to walk his dog 2 miles to shit on your lawn.

  8. This man is going around putting blue ink into toilets and filming how well they get rid of it on a single flush, then calling toilets failures when they need more than one.

  9. I'm in the energy field. I have no idea how we're going to provide enough energy for all these developing countries and reduce global emissions at the same time.

  10. We aren't. The energy trap is inevitable. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

  11. If true about police, that is basically an undeclared illegal strike. If police won't do their jobs, they need to be fired and replaced with people who will. If that can't be done per union contracts, those need to be changed.

  12. Jimmy Carter entered hospice care like what one month ago? Don’t they just feed you morphine in hospice? Can he be killed by mortal weapons?

  13. Hospice just means the mode of care is for comfort rather than cure.

  14. How much sand do you think you could eat? It'd be nice sand.

  15. The tiktok algorithm adapts to what you're interested in. Use it for 10 minutes and you'll get videos that will be agreeable. I've found this to be an enormous gift. It's not bullshit, unless you're interested in watching bullshit. In that case, there's plenty of that on youtube and twitter as well. Ban when?

  16. The TikTok recommendation algorithm takes immense hand crafting to guide it, it's not just some natural thing created. It's constantly being tweaked, and different tweaks can be applied to specific parts of its userbase.

  17. Sadly, the ideas in this article are part of the problem. He is doubling down on the absurd mindset that has brought us here in the first place-

  18. The problem is this is not unique to San Francisco. I teach a similar group in the south.

  19. Unpopular solution: stop subsidizing degrees. If it's cheap (from an employers perspective) to use a college degree as a signal for job aptitude, then they'll absolutely use it to discriminate. A college degree is really only useful as a way to get an entry level position, once employed in an industry, one's experience and network matters far more than a degree. If we have fewer college grads, employers will not be able to use degrees to discriminate. There has to be a way to nudge us towards a world where those only interested in the quickest path to the workforce can use an impressive high-school transcript or work experience to get a low paying entry-level job and only those actually interested in higher learning will go to college.

  20. Agreed. Stop subsidizing them and make them dischargeable, just like almost every other kind of loan, including personal loans. This will cause schools, lenders, and businesses to set the price of advanced education via market forces.

  21. Hard disagree. Having an educated population is a good thing. More people graduating from college benefits society as a whole. Looking at a bachelors degree purely from an employment perspective is a mistake.

  22. Are US schoolchildren allowed to use their phones in school? If yes, I have an ingenious solution to ease their troubles

  23. Banning phones in school just results in parents getting you fired.

  24. Shit, I promised I’d make two fucking salads for this goddamn fucking kid’s family birthday party next week… I’m gonna do spinach, apple, walnut, but what other fucking salad should I do to contrast that? Bean? Carrot?

  25. Reuters? Fuggin' Reuters is now reporting on "Replika removed porn from their chatbot"?

  26. raccoon dogs are a weird thing to hear about out of nowhere with nobody mentioning that it's weird

  27. If you've heard of a platypus then a raccoon dog shouldn't phase you.

  28. I need to share with someone other than my wife, because it's damn exciting, but my closest friends are jealous of money issues. I just got an official promotion offer from my company today and they didn't just back up the Brinks truck, they drove it right through my front door and crashed that shit into my living room couch.

  29. Congrats! Invest prudently and wisely, put money towards thing that make your life less stressful, and enjoy it!

  30. If a bank has $50m in cash, it would need accounts at 200 different banks to keep all it's cash insured.

  31. Sounds like they should ensure it's at a more stable bank with better liquidity management, and understand those concepts. That's a lot of money to be loose with.

  32. The idea that every single startup should be expected to have a deep understanding of banking seems unrealistic

  33. These people were parking tens of millions of dollars in single accounts. Expecting them to understand why that is risky isn't unrealistic.

  34. Kentucky pretty clearly wants to just kill children that don't conform. This is a monstrous bill.

  35. Nate thinks virologists have a bias against the lab leak theory because...they don't want to lose future funding?? Nate continues to go off the deep end. He kind of sounds like people who distrust climatologists because they think scientists have a vested interest in climate change funding.

  36. This is on the level of saying that pharma companies don't cure cancer because they would lose money.

  37. arr Doomer is a fascinating sub. Equal opportunity nihilism. The regular users there are upset at incels for being bigots, pointing out that individuals from any gender can see themselves as ugly, weird, and lonely.

  38. how old does looking younger start being a compliment for men?

  39. If I could change one thing about my life it would be my need to sleep. I despise sleep. I despise the hours it steals from me. I can produce so much more value for shareholders and for myself without the thief of happiness known as sleep.

  40. Is there a way to join a cult, but like, recreationally?

  41. Relatively speaking, it's incredibly crazy to think that within 30 years consumer electronics went from MS-DOS and having to deal with landlines for the internet, to effectively being able to have a (flawed) conversation with AI.


  43. Scientology is a pretty fucked up cult that should be shut down.

  44. My advisor from [bulge bracket investment bank] just called to warn me to make sure I have <$250k cash and to be wary of exposure to the banking sector

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