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  1. The go back to Africa movement was pretty popular if I remember correctly. Main reason they didn't try to do it is because it would be insanely expensive and no one actually wanted it

  2. I imagine them workshopping some goofy plan to give black people proper education and compensation for their labor so they can build back the infrastructure to get back to Africa.

  3. Does Jack fight the WoL because:

  4. Yusuke Urameshi vs Chu in the Knife-Edge Death Match. No technique, no defense, no escape, just a straight brawl until one of them drops.

  5. Duelo a muerte con cuchillos

  6. The good ol' Naruto. Pain wasn't the real bad guy, Obito was controlling him! And Obito wasn't the bad guy either, it was Madara all along! Except is not because Kaguya was behind everything!

  7. It’s weird because Naruto loves doing the no one is born evil they just become that way, and I dunno it seems Kaguya was just evil all along or in the anime they make a backstory for her which the Land of That are the ones that create the circumstances for her to become evil but what made them evil though?

  8. Adventure of Dai until the remake. Evangelion. Still need to see Lain since a friend was a massive fan of it.

  9. I didn't finish Yu Yu Hakusho until about two years ago. I was watching it when it came out on Toonami or Adult Swim (can't remember) but I confused it with Tenchi Muyo and stopped watching both because the one blue haired lady in Tenchi Muyo vomited up an egg and said it was the MC's.

  10. Same but last year, I did watch some episodes including the first 5 ones since they aired inna marathon once.

  11. To be honest, that could be a bad ending in a type moon game. Shiki drops a salt shaker that turns into a cat girl god who enslaves him.

  12. Seaman was actually pretty on point with his description of the internet

  13. The guys in 4chan are really progressive, they really enjoy calling me a jewish black trans homosexual, though not with those terms.

  14. That episode is a fucking gold mine of cringe. I love it.

  15. You're comparing within franchise though, JRPG s a genre is still niche compared to a lot of other genres.

  16. It depends a lot, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest (granted most of it is Japanese sales), Persona sell pretty well and series like SMT, Dragon Quest (Outside Japan), Tales titles have set new sales milestones for newer installments. Also then it gets into the debate if Elden Ring/Souls games are JRPGs.

  17. And thus, the end of the port begging ends… f

  18. The infamous guy who did it in every post Atlus made moved to Soul Hackers 2

  19. But weren't Erick and his sister super poor tho ?

  20. I think these Dragon Quests spin-offs operate on very loose canon logic besides “hey, it’s the guy from the game but younger.”

  21. I somehow hope that Battle Network 4 is buggier and has an even worse translation, would be in the spirit of the game.

  22. are chips the only difference in the separated games?

  23. 3: You get different 5 different Giga chips depending on the version, White has Ground Style and Blue has Shadow style, Blue also has a extra meaningless battle with Punk.

  24. I think the only thing that unites us pro and anti skubbers is their hatred of skub sitters. The kind of people who want skub some of the time but don’t want it other times and who think the argument is stupid. You know what is stupid? Not taking a definitive stance of skub no amount of evidence will change.

  25. Also interesting no character from Astra Lost in Space or Aharen since those are older Jump+ series and have gotten anime. I can see Fire Punch, World End’s Harem and Chained Solider being too adult for the game though.

  26. I didn't expect this to be japanese at all first time I saw it, that arstyle doesn't exactly scream manga

  27. Sorry to use your comment since I have an axe to grind, but but it funny in manga circles they are constantly bleating about Jump Plus kicking Shonen Jump’s ass when I’d be surprised if people knew of more than 3 of the 8 characters.

  28. A lot of failed battle Jump manga just feels like the most bog standard generated by algorithm stories and for all the shit people give to Black Clover at least I can feel the author’s passion and they have much better art. Some examples include:

  29. Throw Bone Collection, Guardian of the Witch, and Zipman in there as well.

  30. Never read the latter two so can’t fully comment and I dunno, at least Bone Collection was trying to go for a retro Rumiko Takahashi like romcom.

  31. I think the Adventure of Dai balances it out quite nicely, while the villains do tend to have the heroes in the ropes, they can all pool together or use their power to overcome the current obstacle. Still everyone gets their ass kicked and gets their ass kickings.

  32. For some reason at first I was confused because I thought it was about the second season of Uzaki and yeah that changes the tone of the message a lot.

  33. I find it funny the super misogynistic The Beautiful Skies of Houou High, a manga where a lesbian is sent by her mom to an all boys school to make her straight and is also played well… straight (she was just afraid of men) was made by a mangaka who had a Yaoi fangirl in one of her previous series, so unless it’s some epic satire no one got and they were trolling us, it seems homosexuality is only wrong if it’s by girls.

  34. Controversial opinion but can we really chill out on the spoiler warnings for literally everything? Like I can’t talk about any contemporary thing without half the goddamn conversation being either vague mumblings or half censored.

  35. I can understand finding the “I need to watch this without even looking at the title/synopsis/information/cast because it’s a spoiler and if you tell me anything you ruined it for me” people annoying but:

  36. Remember when the One Piece anime spoiled even the manga because of an opening.

  37. I'm not a fan of how a lot of characters in Bleach gradually started becoming too facially similar to each other.

  38. I like it when archer guy says “How do I look like Bleach?” when at that point his design was Bleach with glasses.

  39. Going more for worst in the sense that I don’t know why they exist in the series, but most of the kids in One Piece, like Wano is the first arc I can recall that the child characters did something. Punk Hazard also had it but it was the most annoying part of the arc that just lead to even more running.

  40. Domestic Patriotic war movies about how China is the best country and other countries are bad and lame?

  41. No Marvel movie has been released there since 2019 because all of them have elements the CCP has taken issue with IIRC.

  42. 25k is first three weeks - it stands a good chance of hitting 30k when the current week 4 finishes, which would put it about on par with Mashle's first volume.

  43. Yeah I forgot a week, whoops, but so yeah around Mashle vol 1 level, was that better than Act-age though?

  44. Wait. 3 color pages in 4 chapters? This is kind of insane. The manga must be doing extremely well.

  45. For volume 1 Sales wise first 4 weeks it’s done 25K which is pretty good for mangaka without a previous hit and not a action/battle series.

  46. Are there characters who specifically did that? Old shonen loves to do this but the formula goes is they beat everyone, hero beats them, AND THEN they go "you idiot, I was like the lowest ranked member of Hell's Deadly Seven!!!" or something.

  47. Interesting that The Adventure of Dai has chess villains but they say more like “We are strong because each piece has it’s purpose, so the Pawn isn’t necessarily weaker than the queen, even if she’s the leader”

  48. i'm not a big comics person but why does every case of a reprinted comic receiving new coloring seem to universally be worse than the original

  49. I was watching a discussion the other day, the thing is that like manga with screen tones a lot of comics used more the colors to supplement the line work and compositional clarity of the art, while the new approach takes a modern approach of trying to render detail nd shading through the coloring.

  50. In the hypoethetical case a shitty anime version of tsukihime exists here is how the

  51. I think Bones fits Mashle pretty well (more the Bungou Stray Dogs team) to be honest. While Sakamoto Days is also a good choice, even modern Madhouse could do a nice Sakamoto Days.

  52. The author probably wants to be an action movie director at first but realized its better to do it as a mangaka.

  53. The film guy assassin his film school dreams as a character

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