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  1. Why does this feel like a plea for help, are you safe? Is there a code I'm not seeing

  2. you said OP's cookies are one of the strongest comps. I'm pretty new to the game and don't recognize them. I see others in this thread mentioned stardust, moonlight and werewolf.

  3. Hello, you mention at around 3:58 left, that she doesnt have a fear of death in box form due to what i assume is fall dmg. I had a similar concern and tested it and did take fall dmg, went from 43k hp to 25k hp with no enemies around, box form still active for a while upon falling. Can you reconfirm? This was in sumeru, so teapot may behave differently, idk.

  4. when you watch the full video, they tell that kirara will go out if her boxcat form when falling for 0.8s

  5. pumpkin pie? i mean shes good with the heal debuff and being a summoner but op was asking us to rate the cookies and i dont think she's necessarily "good"

  6. Sheโ€™s incredible in her niche, I donโ€™t think its fair to call her bad.

  7. Sense they are all still in school they have to be under 22 (I 85% sure) and sense cream puff is still like a child Iโ€™d say parfadia is like a high school for some then collage for others

  8. All 3 of the people are fucking stupid. Poor doggo

  9. Only 117 pulls? I'm at 190 with nothing. But I know there's still weeks left in the event so there's no stress

  10. this applies to pretty much all the rest of tl except tl 9 which i missed 2 pink bear jellies and still won

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