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  1. What I'd do is get a 5 gallon bucket with lid, use ice pick or even just knife to make some small holes on the lid (allows flys to easily find and get into bucket) and just put head into bucket, don't wrap it anything just straight into bucket, anywhere you can easily get to but is in woods should work. Once bugs clean most of it and you're able to see most of the skull then you can do water method where you fill it up to skull in water. Since it's just a head you shouldn't need to worry with draining blood before water method but if it was the full animal I'd recommend draining the liquid atleast once a week because otherwise it'll really stink.

  2. It's a shame zoo's don't have funds to be much bigger. For many animals that endangered or near endangered, a zoo is one of the best place so they can be cared for for and helped in reproducing more of their kind and all but zoo's aren't able to fully accommodate for their needs. Zoo's have definitely improved in past couple decades but there's still lot more room for improvement. I haven't done much research into zoo's and their practices but I do know I loose alot of trust in zoo's that have white tigers since only way to get a white tiger is through multiple inbreeding, which causes a lot of issues to the poor animal unsurprisingly. Last time I saw a white tiger it looked like it was drunk with how it walked.

  3. You can probably seam rip the eyelash embroidery off

  4. That's true but yeesh it's a pain to do, I removed eyebrow embroidery off a build a bear before and it took forever. Though once brushed with slicker brush afterwards it was pretty hard to notice and this bab was a light brown colour so it's be even harder to notice on a dark purple

  5. That's super cool but picking/grabbing up stuff must be quite the difficult task

  6. Unofficial diagnosis autism, working on getting professionally diagnosed but my therapist brought it up and with tons of research I really do believe I'm on the spectrum. Sensory sensitive, difficultly picking up on strangers sarcasm, tics and stims, etc. I grow an attachment to my plushies and while understanding it's an inanimate object I still feel emotions and personalities to them.

  7. Reading these comments make me sad. Reminds me how easy it is for terrible people to just become parents

  8. So big, so many! Makes my nearest bab, which is an hour drive away, seem so small

  9. At least you can take the sound out! You just need a bit if sewing skills or maybe you can take it to babw and have them take it out/restuff etc.

  10. I'm not sure about anywhere else but my local BAB happily took out a sound for me because I wanted my frog to be machine washable. Just be aware that their policy is to throw away the sound box afterwards for safety reasons, I had to beg to keep mine because the sound has a big sentimental value!

  11. Last time I went to a build a bear, granted it was during December, there were only two poor employees there and it was packed, plus it's an hour drive to get there, so it's easier for me to take sound out lol

  12. I do, I've had to do it a couple times, it's nothing horrible but still kinda sucks when the stuffing is so good, my sewing skills aren't anything amazing but I've done plenty of quick back surgeries on build a bears before lol

  13. A mix between 3 and 4, the stitch eyes give the plush alot more life typically. For example the werewolf, I don't think it'd be as popular with the small bead eyes, though I guess bead eyes work better for some plushies like the longhorn or 2005 lil vanilla cub

  14. I only have a few, definitely want to get some more but it's hard to find cheap bab clothes new or secondhand, especially when I'm not looking for super feminine outfits. It's hard to come across masc leaning bab clothes for a low price.

  15. She's clearly done a lot of work, she's as strong as her owner I'm sure 😊 If you've wanted to clean her but fear damaging or hurting her you can hand wash her in cold water with gentle soap (I use dawn dish soap) then dry her with a towel some before letting her rest for about 12 hours, preferably hanging so water can best drip down off her.

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