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  1. I'd say a Yaris, new or old depending on how much you want to spend

  2. It's a shit show. Find the smaller, typically classic meets. The car scene where I from is shite, I hate the polos with BMW wheels and shit they find interesting

  3. Chris Kamara aka Kammy , I would be devastated . My wife met him and said he was as nice as you would expect .

  4. Any car made before 2004 (pre euro 4) and any pre 2015 diesel (pre euro 6) which I get kinda sucks but most people in the city don't drive those kinda cars (most people in cities have money to afford smaller more modern run abouts, and diesels haven't been popular in general for a good while)

  5. It's a shame tho. Lots of interesting cars have been scrapped and replaced with cars that are no more eco friendly

  6. No more then when the scrapage scheme was running a few years ago. I saw a list and there was some very rare cars that got killed for £2k off a new car…

  7. Its weird, at least here... Prius get targeted for the cat, but other hybrids like the auris, rav4 etc you rarely hear about.

  8. They have hybrid on the skirts :) cts are really easy to steal from like the Prius

  9. Something I’ve very recently realised is that I have been spending a lot of money on new or nearly new average cars on £300 per month for years.

  10. On Saturday usually if you get there before 11am it shouldn’t be too busy however due to people wanting to say goodbye to the queen it may be busy then normal.

  11. Yeah that's what I'm worried about. I've heard it's going to be manaic. Does anyone know how busy it was today?

  12. I mean, that’s a lot like this sub. Which is why everyone just gives up and recommends the same shit.

  13. Yeah this sub confuses me. Just let people enjoy what cars they want. You'd be pissed if someone criticised the Octavia or something

  14. Honestly if you are in the situation to I'd swap for a petrol. It may well be okay with the DPF but for the cost of repair it's honestly not worth it in my opinion. The money you may save in fuel is now not much with the price of diesel, and diesels tend to be higher maintenance, especially the newer ones

  15. Pretty much all of them have same issue. Try and spot a MK5 Golf without rust on the front wings in the same spot. It's similar to a Qashqai with a taped up boot handle.

  16. I was offered one of these for 10k once I turned it down :(

  17. It’s mad and I love it. If I had any money I’d get a Clio 182 as a weekend toy.

  18. The French make some of my favourite cars. I agree id love one too.

  19. I remember I saw a 1969 Skyline GTR on the back of a transporter, being picked up from a house which also had a City Turbo. I wish I asked the driving instructor if I could snap a photo

  20. Thank you. Used to live in one of the Shenleys so quite familiar with that part of MK. Good call

  21. There is a road just round the corner from me with an end two spots. Stagshaw grove.

  22. Owning a cars and leasing/driving a car are two very different things

  23. I remember finding a barn like that when I was a kid. Didn't find a car in there though, only empty vodka bottles, needles and pron magazines with sticky pages.

  24. Is it legal to just take a car if u find it in an abandoned barn?

  25. I haven't bought it yet. I have left a note and will be back soon

  26. The possibility of opposed pistons hadn't even crossed my mind. I can have the sparks out on my spitfire in about the same time it takes me to remember which key unlocks the bonnet

  27. Yes plugs are either simple or unecesarily complex. Don't ever buy a transverse V6 for that reason

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