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  1. Good luck with that, start banning or taking guns from regular law abiding citizens and the country goes right permanently.

  2. Between the mass shootings, back pedaling on marijuana, and abortion, the GOP is doing all they can to lose.

  3. Most cops aren't pro gun for regular people. Besides once you take guns away from all the regular people then only the cops will have guns. These guys. The ones you are making fun of. Bit of cognitive dissonance there isn't there?

  4. Yeah, we don't want all the guys who are currently cops to keep their jobs chief

  5. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  6. This is just as obnoxious as the interminable moving posts, FYI.

  7. But if you defund the police who is going to sit outside and boss parents around while some psycho spends an hour killing the kids?

  8. From what I've seen, almost all stadiums end up costing states or localities more than they get back in taxes and revenue. Have to imagine that's much more likely to be true (or a bigger loss) with a franchise as troubled as Washington. Combining a rebrand that's received more negative than positive reviews, some of the worst attendance in the league, and an owner with as many problems as Dan, I would not want to be a politician who voted to give the guy $400 million

  9. Name one person who did any kind of business with Snyder who was better off for having chosen Snyder.

  10. Finally, some real good TEX-MEX has come to town, 3 Marias on West Broad in the former Hogshead space has terrific quesabirria, tacos, and chicken fajitas at least, top-level chips & salsa and sides.

  11. I saw this building the other day and noticed it was new. Good to know! Will definitely be checking this out asap.

  12. Hi, I just blindly moved here from Alabama (had never been here before!) and I LOVE it so much. Feel free to dm with any questions because I had so many questions too!

  13. So Sarah D, are you a spell checker and grammar expert too? Ren Moore and Helen Grace are also a grammar and spelling checker. We aren’t part of a mafia. We aren’t part of the secret society of S&tan like you people are. Pretending to be an attorney on Facebook can get you in a lot of legal trouble. Be careful DDuster.

  14. 2054 says:

    What....what's in the box?

  15. You need to take this thread to another sub where no one will answer our question or respond to your post.

  16. I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about... can you clarify?

  17. Oh, and in about five minutes somena hole will tell you "Use Google boomer" because they don't understand Google is useless for this typemof question.

  18. Man fuck NextDoor. Screenshot it or just forget it.

  19. I feel I have to clarify that the mangers actions were unfortunately NOT illegal in the state of VA. that is why I am calling for systemic change and not litigating

  20. That's not true. He has a skewed moral compass for sure, but he has one. There are things that he supports that I can get behind, even if I don't support his methods. He got in trouble for bringing an AK47 into work - but at least it was to make a point about gun control.

  21. if we win some games it'll be fun to root for the Commanders

  22. I have-two Lacrosse sticks or whatever you call them, my now grown daughters didn't want them when found in the attic.

  23. Honest question; do y’all really care that much about seeing multiple posts? I always think it’s so ridiculous when people get frustrated about repeat posts, like just keep scrolling?

  24. Well I think if anyone starts another Francine thread they should get permabanned.

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