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  1. Candied. You’ve gotta make your own candy though. Brown sugar, white sugar, heavy cream, salt, vanilla, cinnamon. Cook slices of it on the stove in the candy on low, done in less than 30 minutes. I don’t eat them but everyone else in the house loves them.

  2. As an Italian among other thing, thank you for learning this. Tomatoes aren’t the end all be all and it irritates the piss out of me when other “Italians” lose their shit over spaghetti and meatballs knowing they don’t eat that shit in Italy.

  3. They didn’t perm it correctly. It should be tight curls but they gave you more of a body wave. Did they ask you what you wanted or did they just kind of do it. Looks like your solution wasn’t on long enough.

  4. I wish Ms girl would leave public life. I have nothing else to say because I don’t feel like saying anything nasty tonight.

  5. Blood spots. Give it a good clean before you cook it to get all the gunk and blood off and you should be perfect.

  6. I’m a week out and still a bit dizzy but the headache is gone. I took atleast 4 hot baths when I was in active sickness(my spine was hurting and everything else). The best thing to do is eat soup and take enough meds to knock yourself out. When I wasn’t sleeping I was ready to die the shit hurt so bad. Sending you love and recovery soon!

  7. Oooh if you celebrate any holiday coming up I would do a ham. I do mine slow smoked for 6-8 hours on 200 with a Coca Cola poured on when almost done

  8. That looks like an untrimmed picanha. That’s tasty eating. Make sure you sear the fat cap too.

  9. Do you mean Hashimotos when you say Hashis? I have hashimotos and just got diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. Can you please tell me about your experience after TT?

  10. Sure, and I did mean Hashimoto’s too. Had out of control Hashimoto’s which drs ignored for years, progressed to goiter that left me unable to breathe. When I finally got an ultrasound of my neck I had that and multiple suspicious nodules. My initial surgeon was an asshole. It initially came back after biopsy as non cancerous and I was scheduled for pre op so I could have surgery. I never believed for one second it was non cancerous. Long story short this asshole decided it was more important for him to go on vacation than do my surgery. I dropped him and found an excellent surgery center that only does thyroid surgery day in and say out, sent them my info and they got me in the next week. Had surgery, had a 2 cm cancer they found that probably would’ve been missed by the other asshole. Stayed in that city for a week to recover and went home. Did follow up a month later and recommended RAI. Didn’t do RAI but I am TSH suppressed instead and have not had any return so far. It will be ok, thyroid problems are scary AF but as long as you have a good surgeon(decent human that cares about their job and making sure you are ok) you’ll get through it.

  11. Thank you so much! This helps a lot. Now that you do not have a thyroid, how are your symptoms of Hashimotos? Did you loose or gain weight? Do you have more energy?

  12. No more symptoms thankfully, but I still feel the bite of my immune system right now because I’m sick. Your Hashis antibodies should go away completely when you’re thyroid is removed, but the immune system that caused them will stay the same. I’m hyperthyroid on Synthroid so I’ve had no weight gain but a 20 pound loss and energy is good although my sleep schedule is a bit off. Things are much better than before, the pain that came from the antibodies is totally gone.

  13. Condolences, as they won’t be there to read the thank you. However, you should write a heartfelt thank you within that condolence card letting the bereaved know how much you treasure the memory of their loved one.

  14. People do go on low-buys. I just thought it was weird that there’s a surge of them all at once during a recession, yet none of them are listing the recession as one of the many reasons in their decision.

  15. OP, people are determined to be angry at you for your viewpoint no matter what you say now. You could be right, who knows. You’ve bursted the bubble they created thinking someone who is farming videos for money cares about them or has a life they can relate to. I can throw in that more money doesn’t equal disposable income and that more income usually equals more debt. Everyone on IG doesn’t make 6 figures but the app is designed to make you feel that way. You might be the one rational person in a sea of yes men.

  16. Instant pot with whatever you would do in a slow cooker. Larger ratios of liquid ingredients as the steam will cook it off. From block of ice to dinner in 45 minutes.

  17. They did a shitty job processing that, it almost looks like nipple skin. Take it back and switch brands.

  18. He said what he meant OP. That is really who he is and how he feels. I’m a mixed race person and a man calling me the N word wouldn’t have had to worry about me, my mother would’ve put his ass in the dirt.

  19. OP, your story mirrors mine but I also has Hashimoto’s along with PTC. The TT was the BEST thing I could’ve had done. It took about a week to want to even get out of beds for prolonged periods of time. I slept with an ice pack for that week and took lots of Tylenol PM(pain meds just make me puke), and ate normal food after the first night in the hospital. I also traveled a few states away to Florida to have my surgery and that was an added layer of uncertainty that turned out to be a good decision. As much of a pain in the ass as it is, you’ve gotta have the surgery because you cannot live with cancer it will kill you eventually. Radioactive iodine is between you and your doctor, some people aren’t comfortable with it and are treated by suppressing TSH. My LO is around the age of your toddlers and my surgery was in May. Taking LEVO has added a whole new layer to life, I’m not longer tired or groggy, my bones no longer hurt, my headaches are gone. OP, make a plan to get it done and know you’ll come out cancer free and healthy on the other side.

  20. Hi. I also have Hashimoto's (or postpartum thyroiditis - not quite sure yet but discovered the Hashi's antibodies after having my son 17 months ago) and had a partial thyroidectomy a few months back to remove a small PTC on my right side (with no spread or aggressive histology). My Hashi's symptoms are generally improved but not gone (joint pain, fatigue and some hair loss being the main ones) and this week I will see if I need thyroid medication as I feel like my remaining side is struggling a bit. I'm wondering if removing the entire gland is the way to go, considering I have thyroiditis and am symptomatic anyway - likely needing meds? Is there any point to keeping the other half?

  21. The TT and Levo was definitely the way to go for me. TT is the only cure as sad as it sounds. My life is totally different than when I had my thyroid, and I can’t believe all of my issues were coming from antibodies.

  22. They can go eat shit and howl at the moon, that is YOUR DOG they gave up for adoption case closed. I’m glad you pressed charges, put his ass in jail. The absolute nerve of someone to try to break into your house.

  23. The best thing I’ve done for meds I’m concerned about side affects with are eat a large dinner and take them after that. If you’re in for the night and you do have other stuff happen you can rest. It took me about 2 weeks to get used to other hormonal blockers in addition to spiro.

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