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  1. Yup. Her posting pics like this is not an invitation or a free pass. It does not obligate her to hook up. She can show off her body without wanting to have sex, this post is kinda gross. "Why woman look sexy if I can't fuck her?! 🤬🤬🤬" bruh. Her body doesn't just exist for sex. She can feel sexy and confident and show off without owing anyone shit.

  2. Put some Pins like 6-8 pins on the ground in like a 1 - 2 Square Metre space The space inbetween the Pins shouldnt be less than two ball sizes and it shouldnt be symmetrical Now dribble into the area and try to get out without hitting a single pin. You shouldnt go out the way you came in. When youre feeling comfortable you up the pace with which you dribble into the area When youre Even More comfortable you start getting some skills into the mix, like feints, chops, stepovers and so on The Last thing is getting Even More Pins and giving yourself Even less Space. And dont Just jog through it. It Should be at least a Bit challenging. At First it seems really dumb and discouraging. Dont do this exercise for too long, maybe do it as a finish of a whole dribbling session or in between a whole football workout for like 15 Minutes max. After each time trying youll become better. Let me know if you tried it and how it went :) 👍

  3. Is the average white australian tending to be kind of racist or are they all chill.

  4. Rough time to Post this since a 16 year old got shot yesterday for having a knife on him and „acting dangerous while might being suicidal“ he allegedly was charging towards an officer an got shot 5 times. There were 11 officers there.

  5. Late to reply but I have extensive experience with this (or with pints not cans) and the biggest factor for most people is the level of carbonation of the beer. Do not choose something like a lager or pilsner for speed drinking, go for an unfiltered beer (unfiltered beer only has natural carbonation) or something with nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide.

  6. I cant really choose my beer. Its just the beer that everyone drinks and most people like to drink Pils in Germany.

  7. Haha, just got back from studying in Denmark as an American and was taught this game. Great fun.

  8. I just felt weird and only would’ve kept going to cum eventually but thats not what sex is about

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