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  1. You must show the full length of the ban. Also, reposts are not allowed.

  2. Because you were spamming the A-word, this ban is...

  3. The QR code is the primary reason. Bar codes can also be detected in images.

  4. Misusing Roblox Systems has many different meanings. The primary reason this is given out is when users are discussing about moderation actions, which is against the rule. Misusing Roblox Systems can also be the following things: Abusing the report system, uploading images or audio files of things that were previously moderated to try to get them accepted, creating items with the intent of trying to get around Roblox's rules, posting information that claims to be able to exploit Roblox, creating Accounts with the intent of evading a moderation action, and attempting to sell or buy Roblox accounts.

  5. I’m not going to waste time arguing with you over if the killed is a trigger word.

  6. If you haven't done so already, please take a look at the image I linked.

  7. The bot detected the bar code. Bar codes get marked as Directing Users Off-Platform.

  8. "FK" "AH" and "F" I know for sure are trigger words. Yes, the letter F is a trigger word.

  9. Yes, they can. There are automatic moderator messages associated with it (I.e "Your account has been deleted/moderated for creating, promoting, or participating in inappropriate behavior or content. This is a violation of our Terms of Use.")

  10. Adult Content is a reason formerly used by human mods. It has been replaced by Sexual Content and Violent Content/Gore.

  11. Strange. I have 344 alt accounts that are terminated yet none of my non-banned accounts have been deleted for this reason.

  12. Just my alt accounts that have never been banned. Most of my old trolling alt accounts have been abandoned since I started making ban speedrun accounts.

  13. Did they seriously make "June" a trigger word because of Pride Month?

  14. The bot must've put the wrong reason. The reason should've been "Illegal and Regulated Content" or "Real-Life Threats".

  15. When accounts are banned for PII, Roblox offers a free username change.

  16. I've seen a 1 day ban with that moderator note before but I never knew what caused it. It is extremely rare because normally you get a 7 day ban or termination with that moderator note. I've received a warning with that moderator note once but it was immediately followed by a termination. Amazing find!

  17. "dicke" triggered the moderation bot. I guess the bots also have a problem with auto clickers.

  18. Shut the hell up not bypass for stfu its a whole different phrase

  19. It is still used as a form of harassment, which is why its a trigger word.

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