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  1. You have no idea who you are until you've starved. you're probably some disgusting slob surviving off of factory farming, eating your plastic wrapped calories, driving your energy guzzling personal vehicle, and blasting ac when youre in discomfort. You're judging an impoverished person from the comfort of a keyboard you probably busted all over. Wanna know a fact chubs, if a dog is hungry enough it'll eat a human. shit goes both ways you fucking moron.

  2. The volume of assumptions, misinformation, and disparagement in this relatively brief comment is really troubling.

  3. Subway’s sandwiches have gotten so expensive it’s difficult to justify the cost for what it is, much less adding a tip on top of that. For what they charge, they should be paying their sandwich artists enough that panhandling for tips isn’t necessary. As it is, I’ll only go there if I have a coupon.

  4. The employees don’t make the price. I Gladly tip them Everytime. Not their fault.

  5. No worries. How about Games People Play? Also The Spinners.

  6. This is very sad news. She had a great life, a great career, and was loved by many.

  7. Georgia is right-to-work, they could fire her because it's Tuesday... On a Friday.

  8. Right to Work is a term associated with joining a union. I think the term you meant is “At-Will,” meaning she can quit or be fired for any reason (except due to protected class issues).

  9. These people are the scum of the fucking earth. Hope they fry them.

  10. Yes, thank you. That’s a more recent photo, of the Thai restaurant. I appreciate your efforts.

  11. The sign says Thai House, but it’s had many iterations. The address would be the most important detail I would think.

  12. It’s a shame Craigslist has turned to such shit. It really was a useful resource for so many things back in its heyday.

  13. Hahahaha! At least he was honest. I know a fiddle player who does some Celtic material. I’ll share your post with him. Not sure if he’s looking to play with others, but one never knows.

  14. Yep, it’s def a dean, but an upside down logo?

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