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  1. I’m in my 20’s in the US and have already accepted that I’ll be working until I die. It’s just the way it is. Social Security in this country will be long dried up when it’s my turn.

  2. So pissed to want him out yet enough leisure time to go see a game… the fucking French

  3. Contrary to fucking Americans that can’t protest anymore ‘cause they need 2 jobs to survive. I would have said “don’t be salty”, but,your username gives it away…

  4. Does anyone want to know the actual answer?

  5. I'm still not clear on what a "Dubai Porta Potty" is?

  6. Someone you shit onto/into. In Dubai. Literally.

  7. So you just aggressively insult random people, don’t read answers and downvote?

  8. So you think the damage to the board happens in the part where one tries to pull the IC out thinking it's completely separated from the board while it might actually have solder attaching it to the board?

  9. The problem is that you have to remove all the solder from all the pins at the same time. Harder than it sounds without the proper tools, and when you force a little bit, you may lift a trace.

  10. Protesting ta completely legal decision made by people elected through the democratic process isn't holding your politicians accountable.

  11. It actually is. People are against that law. Massively. The government didn't sent the law for vote to the assembly and used a trick to timebox the discussions and another to prevent a vote on the text because they would have lost it.

  12. C’est 160 milliard le deficit cette année. 160 milliard à rembourser en plus (sans compter les intérêts).

  13. Non seulement ça mais en plus nous sommes déjà le pays le plus redistributeur de l’OCDE. Dire que la France est un pays inégalitaire est factuellement faux nous sommes un des pays les plus égalitaire au monde. Le problème principal de l’économie française c’est pas la redistribution de richesses, c’est la création de richesses et le poids de la dépense publique

  14. Back when I was a homeowner, I hired a house-painting crew, and the man who showed up happened to be black. As they were packing up, the owner said maybe 1 person in 5 didn't make any kind of comments about it, and even fewer would let him in the house to use the bathroom (although they would let white employees in without hesitation). And this was ca. 2000!

  15. Should be a fishing management game. You inherit a tiny cod-fishing business from an older relative, located near the new modern warf and have to manage it into becoming a huge business. "Cod: Modern Warf Heir"

  16. Claws + wheelchair. Obvious.

  17. Then why is every other major county doing it. It’s a demographic problem caused by baby boomers boom, increased medicine and longevity, and the correlation between better education and fewer children, strengthening the disproportion of baby boomers to all else.

  18. You, in 1789: if this “democratic” crap made sense, then why are all major countries monarchies? Never gonna work.

  19. If there's no change in benefits, no change in other departmental budgets, and no significant change in elderly mortality or birth rate, France will be bankrupted by pension obligations.

  20. No. France is bankrupted by the insane profit taken by the top 0.01%

  21. Le gouvernement. Et donc il est probable que Macron dissolve l'Assemblée, pour pouvoir nommer un nouveau gouvernement.

  22. Si Macron dissout, il est mort.

  23. Pas forcément. Mais ce n'est pas à son avantage c'est sûr.

  24. Ca fait très “Chirac 97”, comme approche, la claque sera sévère.

  25. Is that squirrel drooling into the honey?

  26. I was wondering if he was drooling, or just vomited the honey. That wolf masterfully hiding in the picture, the dead fly, even the head bands are unsettling.

  27. Not going to watch/read your review. Post it here in the comments, booooo to blog spam.

  28. The spam review is literally 4 sentences long. Your comment is longer. And it starts with ”…I enjoyed the 2022 reboot more.”…

  29. Yeah, I was surprised by the score too. I started watched it a few weeks ago and gave up after 15 minutes of utterly predictable crap. Maybe I’ll try again.

  30. Just curious, are you expecting the candidates to solve the issues the company has been at for months during a 40min interview then? Best you can do is to draw parallels from your experience, that’s what they’re doing.

  31. No, but "At {company} we have {system} that does that for us. Here's roughly what it does, and how I'd think about adapting something like it to {your-company}," is.

  32. “LifeCard”. This is so 1984 double-speak.

  33. Generally you don't go to jail or disappear because you tried to leave your job while still owing Dollar General $44.

  34. So the answer you're looking for is that you have 4 pages of space ("blocks" on the 6502 are called "pages" (ZP, from instance, is the zero page, so that's the proper vocabulary)).

  35. The address itself is 16 bits (from $0000 to $ffff), but it points to a single byte, so the total addressable memory is 256 times 256 bytes (65536).

  36. J'ai rien compris. Il est en train de dire qu'il y a une drogue fait à partir de sang d'enfants que les stars du showbiz utilisent tous ?

  37. Tu crois que t'as rien compris, mais en fait tu as tout compris.

  38. Are you arguing that Edison was, in fact, not a massive prick, or did you just decide to be a dickhead for the sake of being a dickhead?

  39. Studies have shown that most LISP wankers left are from France, as you can type '(' and ')' without using both hands on an

  40. Yes. Here is an interesting historical tidbit for you:

  41. Je ne sais pas. Je ne l'ai pas vu.

  42. Ben non, le monsieur vient de te dire qu'il n'y en a pas dans le film!

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