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  1. The update will take place in 5 hours. Then a double one will appear. But if you have already managed to pass something today, then the update will happen for you only in 20 hours.

  2. Higher intelligence makes the weapons and armor you craft more durable

  3. pretty sure this one includes the APC tent which is a plus for anyone that doesn’t have the Haunted Cabin tent.

  4. Yeah I want that, Either that or the abandoned shack. Is it always 1k atoms?

  5. yes abandoned shack thanks, couldn’t remember the exact name haha even though that’s the only one I use. pretty sure in October 2021 the Shack was free for Fo1st members because that’s when I started playing. but yes the catch up bundles i’m pretty positive are always 1k atoms

  6. Sweet. I dont care which of the 2 they put in it. I just want one that will have a workbench lol

  7. I use the Satellite map from TZMap - I love the terrain detail on that one. I'd maybe switch to Uni if they figured out map markers/player position for the expeditions (which may not be technically possible) or compatibility with the TZ map marker packs (which I also use due to the better visibility).

  8. I have the aligned sniper and true capacitor mods. Heavy gunner perks with concentrated fire for sweet, sweet headshots.

  9. Just hoard some coffee and you can use vats when you want. I like using hard lemonade and mirelurk meats as well

  10. You're talking about the gattling laser, not the gattling gun.

  11. I m not even sure what that card does lol

  12. Ah thanks. I could NOt figure out what I was doing wrong lol

  13. Taking one for the team is a huge damage boost if you're not stealth at all, it has a permanent place on all my builds.

  14. Yeah I just switched from bloodied to Full health as I don't like bloodied. I did get the plasma caster today and use gatlin gun

  15. if you are a high level like over 500 a lot of people say funky duds is a must or after you have all your legendary perk special cards equipped

  16. No I just hit 300 and had thought to add it a my last legendary slot

  17. More of a bloodied build thing, full hp build you don't need it at all;

  18. ah cool thanks. I have been running bloodied but I m switching to full heath now that I got my 6th legendary perk so was wondering if I needed it

  19. Not the other guy you were talking to, just offering some scattered thoughts on the build.

  20. Just got my guy to 100 so switching to full health and finally going to set the build going to try to take your tips into account when doing the build

  21. healing factor mutation is bad for most scenarios. it nerfs stims when you need it the most. you get free heals out of combat but stims are in abundance.

  22. I know it has the fast travel bug when i got on a couple of alts that used it.Does solar cause the fast travel bug too

  23. To add to Xion's answer: the Survival Shortcut legendary perk gives a syringe that fills food/drink meters, restores crippled limbs, etc. At level 4, the perk will generate 6 syringes per hour (you can hold 10 max). My OE Solar character will swap out the perk for a while to build up syringes (usually while building in my camp or farming events), then replace with something else more useful. It's fantastic for keeping my character at the top of the damage reduction threshold, especially if I'm busy and forget to eat/drink.

  24. IMO Solar is not the best but the most versatile for full health players with WhatRads Perk.

  25. yeah i am looking at doing a grenade build with solar, full heath, what rads and funky duds tank type build

  26. Luck does impact the condition and durability of items that you loot in the wild, and Intelligence determines the same for items that you craft. But nothing affects rewards you get from events or daily ops other than your own real-world luck stat.

  27. All that time grinding for another few percent damage when you could have been Slug Busting for free

  28. The Slug Buster is an AA/50crit normal plasma gun that can be gotten from raiding Vault 79 with the Raiders. Not as much damage as the Enclave version, but it's a lot easier to get. Mods can be gotten by scrapping normal plasma guns. You can find it in player vendors if you look around a bit if you missed it in Wastelanders.

  29. I’m a weird one; charisma. No matter the game, charisma.

  30. I m trying a max charisma build today sine someone said you get much better rewards at events/ops etc

  31. All three of my loadouts are 15 intelligence.

  32. Nice I have been running high int 13-15 on my different loadouts but people seem against it unless its for xp

  33. I run every single weight reduction perk + capacity backpack. WWR, sturdy frame, portable power, thru hiker, travelling pharmacy, and ordnance express. I dump other ammo and run a duo chainsaw/AGL build at full health in and out of PA. Had the same core for like 6 months thanks to electric absorption.

  34. does the chem backpack mod cover meds too? or just chems?

  35. I've never had to wait for AP, I do a jumping walk and my AP is always in the positive when I'm encumbered

  36. Big fan of the mire tbh. has some nice views and it is very tranquil. One of my very early camps was there. i'd sometimes just sit in my camp and chill.

  37. Isnt the mire all swamp, bugs and mirelurks? there ae nice places there?

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