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  1. Apparently not lol, did you see the new thread today? Not at that dude's clinic 😂

  2. Dude, I traveled to the Philippines, a country where Methadone is literally illegal. I brought a months worth.

  3. It says to carry a letter. What’s the issue? Does your doctor not want to give you one or something?

  4. For a modest fee I come to your place sit the two of you down and then lie and tell you it’s all his or her (opposite of you) that is in the wrong and needs to do x,y,z (whatever you want) you can reach me in the alley behind the old playdium at 1150pm on wednesdays. You’ll know me, I’ll be the one dressed for success.

  5. Best answer I have is, sometimes? I too cannot find any cause, and it is much more sparingly an issue maybe once a week TOPS usually less. I will wake up feeling some nausea but it will go away within an hour of waking up wether I dose right away or if it’s a pickup day it will go away on its own within an hour of being awake. I chalked it up to maybe eating too late a few times or eating something off. Idk, someone else just asked about this the other day though if you wanna find that thread and see what people said there..

  6. Just for clarity, are you asking if you were to go on a vacation to Thailand would a local clinic guest dose you?

  7. Omg they used to charge people $1 for a mask if they forgot one otherwise you couldn’t dose. Some of these people are fucking homeless living in tents outside and you want them to pay for a mask?! They got in trouble for it and stopped, then started doing it again, then had to stop again! One day I forgot mine and I didn’t have a dollar, they gave me one and said okay tomorrow give us the money. I thought they’d let it go but nope, when I came in the next day I had a hard hold and couldn’t dose until I paid them. I’d love to know what they did w all that money

  8. This is so unethical it’s almost comical. Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest sadly. Nothing does anymore.

  9. Mine is pretty similar. No groups, no callbacks, not strict at all, you REEEALLY gotta fuck up to lose your takehomes (they usually give you three chances) and the only way to get kicked out is to go hands on inside the clinic on staff or other clients. I know a dude who DROPPED HIS PISTOL in line on camera and still goes there. Punch someone in their shit tho and they will send you packin.

  10. Methadone will not eliminate the cravings, they’ll still be there even once you get stable. They might be lessened in how strong they are, they might also be easier to shake off but they will still happen.

  11. Such a frustrating sitch you got here. I can feel it in your words. It’s really fucking lame of them to even be all up in your business about this shit. Just treat the OUD let your psych handle the rest is how I see it. They just NEED control over you and they’ll flex the pettiest of muscles to maintain it. It’s punitive and wrong, I’m sure if switching clinics was a possibility you’d have done it already? If so, whatcha got to lose they sound completely unreasonable at your spot now.

  12. Do people wear a chef coat to interviews? I would def never forget the person who showed up in one that’s for sure. But not exactly for the reasons you’d be hoping for.

  13. Some people just refuse to accept that you can't get high on methadone when you take it every day

  14. Truth and honestly it’s like I GET IT. I know how illogical addiction is so it’s not a mystery it’s just frustrating more than anything seeing him still suffering.


  16. It’s not something you wanna rush. Just keep it at 1-2mg a week if that’s been working for you. Why push it ya heard?

  17. It’s a negligible amount if any when it comes to exercise and burning through my dose. I really don’t notice a difference at all on hard days vs days off. You won’t know until you start. I really can’t recommend body weight fitness routines. Check ‘em out, requires no gym or equipment and can be done from day one out of shape and still be useful once you’re in crazy shape and strong! And it’s not just adding reps but reaching new forms and levels of different push-ups, pull-ups, dips and other calisthenics.

  18. Why are you dropping your dose? Who gives a shit what your family thinks? They obviously know jack shit about fuck all.

  19. All sorts of great marijuana products out there to try. Edibles are like so helpful in staying nice and level versus getting ripped smoking where the come up and down is much swifter.

  20. I see there is still no “slut dose” flair on your posts. That’s disappointing. Sorry things have you stressed out. Do you smoke weed? That’s one thing that really helps reduce stress in my life. The other is kickboxing. Doesn’t even have to be hard sparring just hitting pads is so revitalizing and frees up some aggression or tension from day to day life.

  21. The contest is like where you have to keep one hand on the car at all times, last one standing wins. Except it’s a full takehome bottle and the clock starts 24 hours since your last dose. Who’s tapping out first?

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