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  1. Im glad I live in a place where masks are required and the laws are being enforced. Management told us we have to tell customers either not wearing their masks or wearing it properly they have to or we can call management and they will be kicked out (one manager even said if they're really non compliant to call the police)

  2. Will it be the paid 2 weeks? I also don't wanna have to go to the doctors to get the test if I dont feel the symptoms after self qurantining because without insurance it would be way too much for me.

  3. Not in Florida I presume? Customers here are like "eh it's the South" when the roaches come out from under the registers for spilled food.

  4. Actually yes I am in Florida lol. I know they're a regular occurrence but still, I know to avoid the deli cause I know it's infested with roaches.

  5. The amount of times I've found chicken legs on shelves and in our movie bins (I work in electronics), is too many to count.

  6. It's definitely hard. I'm an electronics dm and the way these customers behave when you tell them you're not going to ring up their full cart because technically those registers are for electronics purchase only is insane. Sometimes you just gotta finish up with them and walk away. Curse them out in the backroom. And if you really don't want to deal with it call a manager and walk away.

  7. I widh we could. Our store makes us check everyone out back in electronics. When this corona started, the co manager approved it to 10 items or less but then because of having to call a manager all the time when a customer complained because we wouldn't take them, he told us to take everyone, even if their cart is about to fuckin burst.

  8. Some teens got caught fucking in the bathroom recently and AP had to get them out 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. This is me any time they ask me to cover like 3 departments since everyone goes to lunch at the same time? ASM: "Hey I need you to cover sporting goods and furniture." Me: "Yeah, and I need a raise." ASM: "......."

  10. I feel you guys should focus more on making the game feel worth $60 instead of adding paid DLC, just saying.

  11. I don’t understand why this is downvoted. I love the game, but I agree with you 100%. These Dinos should’ve at least been included with the Dr. Wu dlc. Then it would’ve been worth it. Even though the traits that came with it should be in the base game anyway.

  12. Same. To me this game still feels like a $40 game without park customization and biome tools. Plus they just released the Dr. Wu dlc not even a month ago and then added another dino pack already. Should've been in the Dr. Wu dlc as that added a whopping 5 whole dinos! (Sarcasm btw) Just rubbed me the wrong way tbh. Also couldn't agree more with you on the traits thing.

  13. They said there was a problem with the ps4 update and they were working on it.

  14. PS3 or PS4? Please reply after you edit your post so I can add you to the spreadsheet. Thanks!

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