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The FTC wants to ban those tough-to-cancel gym and cable subscriptions | The proposed ‘click to cancel’ rule would require companies to let you cancel a membership in as many steps as it takes to sign up.

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  1. My disc lock fits nicely between my caliper and suspension. There's less than an inch of movement for the front tire to rotate. Forgot to take it off one time and as it bumped the caliper when I was getting on the bike (hadn't even started it yet) the alarm went off.

  2. They sell little bungee cords you can wrap around the disc lock and your levers to remind you the disc lock is there.

  3. I got so unlucky with my apartments. The first two me and my friends lived in allowed motorcycles but never had one. The one we are living at now is a owned by a local. Literally a few weeks before I got my first motorcycle last year they put notes on all the buildings and doors saying absolutely no overnight motorcycle parking. I was so god damn disappointed.

  4. I don't understand. It doesn't seem legal for a place to limit parking for what is classified as a road worthy vehicle. How is that possible.

  5. I take a photo of the DL of anyone who buys a bike from me, partially for this reason and partially in case they don’t register the bike and use it in a crime or whatever and they try to have it come back to me (happened to me with a work van - like two years after I sold it it was found abandoned but had been used in a bank robbery). As nobody reported it stolen they ran the VIN and came to ask me why my van was used in a heist. I was like what van lol. I still had the DL of the guy I sold it too. He didn’t seem like the bank robber type so I bet he sold it to someone else who used it for that but never registered it in his name? Idk. Anyway it’s a good move.

  6. You can also avoid this by getting a notorized bill of sale made up. My state requires it for any title transfer.

  7. Currently have my training course booked in a month and looking for a nice beginner bike. I’ve been a fan of the old 80s bikes and I’m decently mechanically inclined hoping to learn more about carbs with this thing

  8. It can be hard to source parts so I would suggest really making sure you're mechanically inclined.

  9. Yea gonna need a budget and also what country you are in may factor in to the type of roads and speeds and market limitations you are dealing with.

  10. Not USA? Here we love our landfills. Incinerators have their issues too but they are much more popular abroad.

  11. As others have mentioned in the thread, recycling is a hugely complicated subject and well, doesn't really work. Very very few of the plastics we use are readily recyclable. It's actually not a coincidence that the symbol on many of the plastic bottles you see looks very similar to the recycling symbol. It's done on purpose by oil and gas companies as a marketing strategy to make people think all of their items are being recycled. But in fact that's just a designation of the type of plastic it is. Most of them cannot be recycled without large energy and monetary costs, and therefore aren't.

  12. Yes this was definitely his play here. A bit slimy but it's not like hes this nefarious villian otherwise. He seems to be genuine in most of his conversations. Just gave carries relationship that little nudge so he could try to move in. I think his speech to carrier about Jonas being earthbound was entirely genuine and used in his mind as his justification to lie to Jonas and then lie to Carrie about seeing him.

  13. In not unhappy they're trying to do something. I still do think this is a bit of a sideshow to the real issue of regulatory capture that we see across the internet and cable space. The FCC should be going after Comcast for it's monopolistic practices. But hey, they pay the bills.

  14. There’s a phenomenon with prestige shows where I’ll watch the first season and it will look good and be well written and well acted but I’ll get to the end and go “…but was that any good? Did I like that at all?” Thankfully I don’t usually fall prey to the sunk cost fallacy and let those shows go after one season.

  15. Dark and outlander I would say are worth it. Im not sure if outlander ends well but it's seasons are somewhat self contained enough to still enjoy the stories told without a devent ending.

  16. This is the only one that truly meets this category for me. Maybe Battlestar Galactica too but this one really burns. The whole last season and most of the season before just ruins the show. Any rewatch just makes me sad at how great it was for a time. It's impossible to appreciate the show anymore without constantly thinking of all the blatant character assassination that happens to most of the cast by the end and piss poor writing.

  17. Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately clearing the CMOS didn't help. Currently fully offed the PC and leaving it overnight. Will see if it magically fixed itself tomorrow morning and if not, off to the shop.

  18. Just start testing components. Biggest thing to rule out is a power supply. Buy another one, swap it in. If the compiter turns on, great your psu was bad. If it doesn't, return the psu and try the next component. At the very least I would test the psu cpu and maybe ram if all that doesn't work. It's super easy to "rent" components with the internet and free returns nowadays. Even easier if you have a microcenter or other component shop locally with free 30 day returns.

  19. It’s not self deprecation, it’s just being cheeky and flexing on people who can’t afford the same

  20. Dude it's an espresso hobbyist subreddit. 90% of the people on here with any setup have dropped 1k plus.

  21. I should clarify that I am in a very rural area. I have a Harley dealership (that does not have classes to my knowledge) and MSF courses at the Universities, which are full. I know some endorsed riders who have taught me some basics, but there aren't many resources here

  22. I don't understand why people think part 3 is going to be released until the the 2nd season comes on. If there is a part 3, do people realise how many years it takes to make a game? Part 2 was released in 2020, another game won't be ready in 5 years

  23. If they split up part 2 in two seasons like they said, the time lines could work. Especially if each season is taking 2 years to come out. Part 3 couod be finishing up right as season 3 airs/finishes.

  24. That is assuming is going to take that long but that would required Neil Druckman to do game and series at the same time. That doesn't usually works very well. He should focused on one thing at a time, if there is a part 3 game. And games (top tier games) are always very time consuming. Don't see that happening.

  25. Yes there are definitely challenges to consider. Rumor is they're already working on a new game and he'd have to be able to fit it in concurrently with the show. It's doable but would stretch his time and energy for sure. But we will see.

  26. Burn Notice of course! Poker Face even references it multiple times.

  27. Yeah i got to sit on an mt07 and that might be just right ergos maybe my arms are just short? I just wish there was a belt drive conversion (i know call me crazy)

  28. Depending on the bike you can do bar raisers if you want even more relaxed. There are also the adventure touring classing of bikes like the triumph 660 or the yamaha Tracer, but they start to be a bit pricey and weigh more for just general communuting so it wasn't my first recommendation.

  29. Yeah definitely want to go a simple route hence my obsession with belt or shaft drive I also want it to be light enough that I can put it on my hitch carrier. Currently I have a little Honda Navi just because it’s cheap but it rains a lot here in south Florida and not having a car. I should probably have ABS.

  30. Shaft drives are easier but Yea you're generally looking at higher end more expensive bikes for that. Chain isnt the worst just throw some lube on it occasionally and check the tension every now and then. It's infinitely easier with a way to lift the rear wheel. Paddock stand is the way to go for it.

  31. Cardo is good. I would suggest swapping out the speakers that come with it for In Ear Monitors. This does two fold benefit of giving you ear protection and supplying you with better access to your music/gps/what have you. The Cardo comes with a standard 3.5mm jack so any headphones will fit. Just need some that will flush mount to your ear so they fit under the helmet. I use Shure 215s with comply ear tips.

  32. I was thinking of in ear buds.... but I figure they would pop out when I put the helmet on. Do you have a trick to keeping them in?

  33. Just getting the right type that'll stay in. Many are not flush with your ear and stick out too much. Here is the brand I use that work very well and sit flush:

  34. I find this hard to believe. I’m not saying dealers are not fucked up, but it would be borderline impressive if they could get the price up that high.

  35. In my area after fees including a 6% sales tax like OP, used bikes are around $1400 added fees. New bikes are around $2500 added on.

  36. So nowhere close to what this guy is trying to claim.

  37. Yea I don't know how a dealer gets basically $4k in fees but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if true.

  38. I agree he was a pivotal and sympathetic character, but just the same-- in the movie, he was a bit of a con artist and taught Frank the art of, you know, finding a "lost" necklace and pretending to own a limo.

  39. Shit I think the mother was more the villian if anything. Was fine cheating on the dad, trying to get her 16 year old son to hide her affair, and then abandons him once her dad has money troubles for another family.

  40. I'm on a salary contract myself, I'm just capable of empathy and having the foresight to think of how this would affect others. There isn't much for us to talk about if you can't do the same

  41. We can still be selfish but accept this as a net win for ourselves. We just have to look past one step and see that we live in an interconnected advances society. And if only some people benefit directly from this policy financially, those people will have more monry to buy things and better themselves. Which will lead to better things like less crime, more stimulation of the economy which keeps us all prosperous, maybe they have more chance of living a healthier lifestyle so when there's people less sick out there we don't have to deal with them clogging up over hospitals with debts they can't pay.

  42. Im hourly right now. Already working almost 50 hours a week on average. 48 hours of work now is 52 hours of pay. Of this passed 48 hours of work would be 56 hours of pay. Thats like a 7.5% raise and I'll gladly take that. If you worked 40 hours before and after its a 10% raise.

  43. Yea it's def a net win for workers. People in here arguing that the employers will just cut hours and hire more people. If employers could do that they already would and no one would ever hand out OT.

  44. He wasn't trying to intercept it. He was trying to be creative to knock it down. Spraying it with fuel could cause it to suck atomized combustible air into the intake and cause a chug (which would probably blow the motor). He just got too close. The pilot can technically claim it wasn't aggression because he didn't fire weapons. Considering the dude accidentally hit the drone, and subsequently got a combat action ribbon, tells me this was recognized as an act of war.

  45. I don't get it. Isn't dumping fuel all over it just attacking it with extra steps? Is it somehow less a line being crossed if they don't actually fire weapons? If fuel can take it down that may as well be considered a chemical attack on it. Whether the fuel dumping is designed as a weapon or not. Especially if the country recognizes and rewards this action as a confirmed kill.

  46. It's because Russia is escalating to find out how far they can go before the US responds, and what the US response is.

  47. Nothing like tit for tats with apocalypse. Only saving grace is hoping that most of Russians nuclear arsenal is as poorly maintained as their other military equipment has proven to be.

  48. I've seen shit like this before. Basically it's the lead cars mistake that starts it all. Everyone behind them is just in pure autopilot mode and follows the car in front of them the wrong way. Still a bunch of idiots but it's not that shocking to me with how little people pay attention combined with a somewhat confusing road design.

  49. I find it kind of funny. I find it kind of sad...

  50. Problem is Ye's pushed all the handlers who want to minimize him away and is now left with one's that one to profit off his insanity.

  51. This is kinda sad if you think about it. He was famous pretty much all of his life. It’s pretty reasonable to assume that he never had to walk the aisles of a grocery store, especially as his fame skyrocketed globally. Something so regular and mundane was a part of his bucket list; an attempt to be “normal”. Like others have mentioned, even with people there he’d have to switch into public figure mode. And to be quite honest… there’s tons of regular people that desire deep down to shop with no one else in the store.

  52. I feel like if MJ wanted to really hit up a grocery store incognito he could. Dude definitely has the resources and is familiar enough with makeup to disguise his appearance good enough to prob make it without being recognized. Most people grocery shopping have their blinders on and don't pay attention.

  53. Because he doesn’t plot things. He’s got no idea where he’s going and the world he’s built has gotten out of his control. He can’t keep spinning the webs, there are just too many characters and he apparently is adding even more.

  54. It is this somewhat for sure. But I think hes having a harder time getting to the final stages of these books because he set himself up into a corner early on. He wrote a complex, grim dark, morally grey world full of people with varying motivations and goals. And in the background he wrote a traditional fantasy story with the white walkers and the prophecy stuff. Problem he has to finally crack those eggs he planted decades ago and somehow do it without losing the realistic amoral tones of the books so far. The show just said fuck it and went full traditional fantasy lord of the rings level. Grrm apparently has decided to just not do it at all.

  55. The main character bakes muffins part-time 3 days a week but lives in a 2500 sq ft loft penthouse in the chic part of town.

  56. Doesn't Ted live in an apartment paid for by the employer?

  57. And is a coach of a major sports team. I'm just making a funny cause he also bakes cookies all the time.

  58. With such a bottleneck globally it would absolutely put them in the middle of this. As you say 75% of it comes from Taiwan currently. With the US largely dictating Taiwanese policy. It's not a coincidence that Nancy Pelosi recently went to Taiwan, which was pretty unprecedented in recent memory from a US policy perspective. It's all about securing chip manufacturing pipeline for America and its militarty, and keeping it from China to develop an advanced mitary of their own.

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