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  1. Legit, only went to Morthal to buy the build-able property to the north. That's it, Morthal was a real missed opportunity as a hold. Could've done so much more with it.

  2. I never really played morrowind/oblivion but I looked up the lore on this stuff when it was added

  3. My issue is I had the Fury tank and it's gone too, I mean I had a lot of tanks when I played on my Xbox 360 and using the same account on my Xbox one most of my stuff is gone

  4. Put this up at your local VA and tell all the vets there how you've seen more digital combat than they've seen real combat. See how long before you get hit.

  5. I'm waiting for them to remove the cookies and just sell the inside in a tube.

  6. Taking pictures of the president in his convertible car in Dallas Texas.

  7. I mean, anyone who believes buying/playing Hogwarts legacy makes the person transphobic must also think that about Twitter yeah?

  8. I died to the same ghost in the dawnstar sanctuary like 12 times cutting my head off. It sucked.

  9. Nah, fuck. Can't get that kinda luxury here eh? Shits too fucked, not enough water for a shower. Needles more likely to fall on you than actual water 🤣🤣

  10. Gotta know are we talking about the blue people or the last air bender

  11. I went Airbender, I can kinda see it. The fire nation did hunt the air nomads to near extinction trying to get rid or the avatar.

  12. I can see it, I mean the fire nation did hunt down the air nomads to near extinction, they thought they killed them all but the avatar was frozen so they didn't know.

  13. Me with 32GB of Ram getting 150FPS and the game still randomly crashing outside of raven rock.

  14. If it's got an Ontario plate I'm pretty sure I know where this fucker lives.

  15. Can they fire in space yes. It won't shoot far but the recoil will push you the other way.

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