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  1. You are so fucking nasty.. that’s an oddly interesting duo tho

  2. I hated Louise... I never liked how highly abusive she always was...

  3. Not as harshly as using whips and other weapons on the MC...

  4. Ypu do realize that nobody in the guild is underaged...except for Wendy right?

  5. It was a long time since i saw the anime,i was thinking that at the begining they were like 17

  6. Well it were the very members of FT(Macao and Wakaba) that got her into drinking at an age of 13*

  7. I mean Homura by a lot, since she's my fave character in the show and she in my top five overall. I just love samurai girls like her, plus she's like a mix between Erza and Kagura AKA my two favorite girls of FT!!

  8. Yes it looks it a lot of people are into blonds with blue eyes,the Sailor Moon Poll was won by Usagi

  9. I was looking for it myself and asked about a year ago but it looks like that nobody knows

  10. That sucks. Maybe there just no english ver besides 4444444444 and Katasumi

  11. Literally can't feel pain down there so I'm fine with it 🙃

  12. Don't really know, I have been kicked, punched, headbutt, had balls thrown at it so on, just one day stop feeling pain from it now

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