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  1. I’ve been building an NSFW 2.5D adventure game for quite a few months now using a somewhat similar workflow. It’s allowed me to accomplish a lot more than you’d expect from a solo developer in this amount of time.

  2. I'd be interested in some more on the development side, and what led you to do custom Unity development over a smaller project utilizing an existing engine (RenPy or Scumm/AGS type stuff.)

  3. Yes, most likely it's the shopping "feature". Same issue as documented recently here:

  4. Fixed by turning off Edge's shopping service: edge://settings/privacy#Shopping

  5. There’s been intermittent problems for weeks. Handling load is way off as well. I’ve reported JavaScript bugs on login, and similar redirect bugs to yours, to no avail.

  6. Aww, bummer. Well at least I found a workaround for now.

  7. I have this same bug and it's extremely frustrating. Very easy to reproduce. Have you seen any updates on this by chance?

  8. Not yet. Each new version I hope, but no fixes so far...

  9. Dang. Do you know if an official bug was submitted?

  10. Not to hijack this post, but speaking of bookmarklets, any settings in Vivaldi to avoid posting the script in the address bar, thereby covering up the site URL? You know, kinda like an @ECHO OFF (in bat files) mode?

  11. Coming in a bit late -- did you ever find a solution to this?

  12. Nope. I haven't really investigated it besides asking here though. Unfortunately :/

  13. Dang. I'm new to Vivaldi and this one is a real kicker.

  14. I gave myself a 20 minute challenge to downscale them to 100 pixels, and only 25 colors.

  15. I gave myself 15 seconds per image and did a pixel and color convert on a few of 'em.

  16. (Okay I was never good at posting images to reddit... hopefully works this way...)

  17. This one is fun, thanks for sharing. :) You should do a few more famous replacements! :D

  18. I had a blast with this prompt, thanks for sharing! :)

  19. Prompt: photo of a gorgeous young woman rapunzel in the style of stefan kostic, realistic, sharp focus, 8 k high definition, insanely detailed, intricate, elegant, art by stanley lau and artgerm

  20. Now I want a movie of Tifa punching her way through a skyscraper.

  21. Can you share some about the desk setup itself? I have a room that is conducive to a "corner desk" but I'm not sure where to find something I like. My current main desk is more of the wooden 'executive style' with a covered back, drawers, and wide surface. Then I have a second smaller desk on the adjacent wall. One side for work use, one side for personal use.

  22. There’s a new game + mode so for your own enjoyment of the game I would not use a guide for you first run and just play it as you like. Then once you’re done you can closely follow a guide and try to get 100% or however much you want to do. X-2 is one of the worst games ever for having missable stuff. Literally impossible without a good guide. And most of the fun stuff in game is optional not part of the main story.

  23. You can totally play it casually. I recommend you play without a guide but visit every location in each chapter. Playing with a guide constantly makes games a chore.. been doing it with FFX2 and FF7, and feeling like I need to look at a guide makes it a lot less enjoyable

  24. I'd love to hear some more about how to get to that firework site... don't they close off those roads?

  25. Same! :D Brand new to this after hearing "Pop" and Twice songs. :)

  26. pop! really something else. i have a lot of non-kpop friends who started liking kpop (twice) because of pop lol

  27. Glad I'm not alone. Seriously, K-Pop wasn't even on my radar. I randomly saw "Pop" on YouTube and I've been down this rabbit hole since. :D There's this whole subculture behind it I had no idea existed. I'm way outside the typical demographic (I think?) but I don't even care. :D

  28. Same, I bought all versions but accidently bought 4 of the complete version

  29. If interested in unloading one, I'd be interested. :)

  30. Thanks for the info! :) Decided to just get all 4 and then trade for unsigned/sell the other 3. Not sure how much more signed versions go for than the unsigned but hopefully they can offset the shipping cost haha.

  31. Good luck with your order. :) Sent you a quick message about it, hope that's ok.

  32. All the signed albums went out of stock right before I could choose a payment option 😭😭. I am beyond devastated! Will the signed albums come back in stock anytime soon? Does anyone have any idea?

  33. I'm interested in this, too. I had thought it was 12-noon for the opening of preorders. Imagine my surprise today. :(

  34. I'm sure there's definitely some great stuff on Redbubble! I've used Redbubble before for a tote bag which was excellent quality, but apparently material quality can vary as sellers can choose the textile when they list their design...

  35. Can you share what size you're using that uses these types of tees? :)

  36. I am sooooo bummed I missed this one. Seems to be dead. :(

  37. Many thanks! I knew it was a cheesy sequel spin-off thing, was just in the wrong franchise! :) Thank you!!

  38. Sounds like you have identified some good uses. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Darn. I didn’t know about the limit on playlists. I think my current library is video versions because I would watch on YouTube and like. I’ve since removed the likes so my YouTube liked videos playlist isn’t ridiculously large. My goal with YTM is going through my artists album by album, song to song and compiling it all. I’m 1,019 songs into a PLAYLIST (so I didn’t have video versions or duplicates). Do I have to delete my library song by song? And do I have to move my playlist to my library song by song? Seems like it from what I know.

  40. It does seem that bulk actions are extremely limited. Good luck!

  41. That's exactly our plan for Vegas. I like money too much to gamble it, though my husband loves a low-stakes $1 game of Blackjack every once in a while. We really enjoy walking around and seeing unique shops, that's our main thing in between natural history museums and zoos/aquariums/rollercoaster theme parks.

  42. Oof, there's a lot there to see. Katy Perry has a new residency if you'd like to see her. The David Copperfield show was super cool if you like the magic thing. We saw a Cirque show.. "O".

  43. We do like the magic as long as its good! Absinthe looks amazing, we will be sure to go. "O" is for sure on the list. Thanks!

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