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My Thoughts on "Out of Staters"

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Trudeau makes history, invokes Emergencies Act to deal with trucker protests

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Are you being serious right now?

  1. The latest predictions (based on higher than expected April retail data) expect Q2 GDP growth of around 3% - 3.5%. It would have to be a really big miss (much larger than the Q1 miss) for us to actually enter a recession. Of course he could be thinking further down the road in 2022, but it's unlikely a formal recession will happen before the very end of the calendar year (as it historically requires 2 consecutive quarter of GDP contraction).

  2. No economists had it, but yeah, the economy has been terrible for a while now.

  3. Family has lived in Montana since 1845. I don’t mind new comers , what I can’t stand is the wealthy buying vacation homes they won’t live in and ranches that they won’t ever work. If we could make it to where you have to be a resident to buy more than 5 acres our land prices would drop & your typical family could afford to work a day job and raise livestock to provide a decent life for their family.

  4. This isn't even a problem for the majority. It's not being able to afford a 2 bedroom 1 bath house with 2 full time incomes.

  5. It is not inflation. Inflation is an economic phenomenon where prices have to increase to maintain a profit. Right now prices are increasing to increase profits. This is greed that they are trying to convince you is inflation.

  6. It's a town of around 30k. That's not that unusual for small towns for halfways decent home prices.

  7. Any jobs? But I guess at 30k what job couldn't support you?

  8. Exactly. Then next thing you know nobody is having children and the world gets drastically underpopulated yet they'll still just be like "Huh these millennials aren't having children I don't know why. It's there fault!"

  9. Lol you think they'll care? There's billions of people that would happily come here working minimum wage and living in an apartment. You think are greedy ass politicians who've never done anything for us actually care about people in the 3rd world?

  10. While I was on the train the other day, I saw a guy who had picked his finger to the bone. Just a raw, open, semi healed wound. He was obviously homeless, and I’m not sure if he was driven to do this by drugs or other mental health issues, but ultimately I guess it doesn’t matter. He couldn’t afford help for either issue.

  11. I'm in a red state but 10-15 years ago the homeless were kinda chill. The "papa was a rolling stone" type. Drank too much, didn't want to pay child support, but all in all seemed like normal middle aged men. Now it's skewing way younger where some of these kids look fresh out of highschool and everyone looks like a trainwreck.

  12. This is what people are waking up to, we need to drastically rethink the way we live because "this" sure as shit ain't working......

  13. I've been saving for years to buy a house and I've got 10% down ready to go even at these elevated prices. But I just don't make enough to coverage the mortgage without it being very risky, like 50-60% of my take-home for mortgage/taxes/pmi. So all money seems pretty damn worthless right now.

  14. I was raised in Montana. Only left for college and a few years after for work. Moved back in 2018. I just like the word y’all. Don’t know why that’s a problem.

  15. I live 22 miles away. And I would NEVER EVER camp in Ovando. That place is crawling with Griz. Hell I won't fish the Blackfoot down there. You're speaking from reading articles. I'm speaking from experience.

  16. Interesting, I've never heard of this before.

  17. People, regardless of how you feel about Adams, Kyrie, or vaccinations, you simply cannot allow this dude to play after laying off thousands of city employees, who make much less than Kyrie, for the same shit. Doesn’t work, nor should it. Maybe it’s a new discussion next year but until then, burn some sage for ya boi.

  18. How about rehiring all the people we wrongly fired and admit that we got it wrong? Or nah?

  19. Who was wrongly fired? I thought only people who were too dumb or stubborn to get a free vaccine got rightly fired.

  20. Mandates are being dropped everywhere retard. Those people should be rehired and apologized to

  21. I work for the state of Montana. POS Gianforte came in and blocked our annual cost of living raises for the first time in a decade during the worst year of inflation. Meanwhile gave his handpicked cabinet all an average 20% raise.

  22. Can you forward me a link on that? I just see some story about the 55 cent pay raise. That won't go very far.

  23. If Belarus is talking about becoming a nuclear state, I feel like NATO should invade to "protect its security interests". Putin wouldn't want to start a nuclear World War 3 by interfering, would he?

  24. Everyone is a hypocrite. Think we wouldn't bomb the fuck out of Cuba if Russia put weapons there?

  25. "65.16% of [Belarus] citizens allegedly supported these constitutional amendments."

  26. Does it seem to anyone else that everyone outside of Canada is on the truckers side? I see so many posts calling Trudeau a dictator. What are we supposed to do, let them run amok indefinitely? They took away the vaccine mandates in Alberta and they are still out there protesting... For having to wear a mask? Such a waste of everyone's time.

  27. It's absolutely insane, I'm having a tough time not thinking reddit is mostly bots now.

  28. Where is everyone in such a hurry to get to around here?

  29. It feels like everyone is on my ass whereever I go. Even 35 in a 25 people are right on my bumper.

  30. I’m convinced that another Great Depression is coming.

  31. I think a lot of people don’t realize how comfortable the US government is with having a massive population of uneducated citizens. The uneducated are much easier to manipulate, which usually works in a governments favor.

  32. There's a reason we get no foreign news. Makes it easier to rally the population into pointless wars.

  33. Source of food shortage prediction? I’m curious about that

  34. Fertilizer prices are sky high. Yields will be down.

  35. Lol! So much bad info in this thread. Why do some people love spewing negative outlooks even when faced with amazing positive data? I see your other comments and the general message you are attempting to speak into existence here. It didn't work very well.

  36. The cost of living there would eat that 55k like it’s nothing.

  37. entry less white collar can start around 55-60. So about the same, but working 3 months less

  38. Tesla earnings report next Wednesday, we will see what will happen. If it’s gonna fall, everything is gonna fall hard.

  39. They all have earnings coming up. Will they be last to fall?

  40. All that matters will be guidance, and I think it will be piss poor.

  41. Netflix is slow with releasing quality content these days, I can understand why people are cancelling memberships and less people are registering.

  42. Or they do make quality content and then cancel it after 2 seasons.

  43. Tesla has retard strength, but if the bears take it down then we're going down another 15-20%

  44. A lot of tech WAS overvalued. Why was anyone buying Peloton with a PE ratio of 3000? When does that ever make sense? Everyone in the US would have to buy a 4-pack of Pelotons for their house, every year, for that price to be justified. A just see a healthy correction in some ridiculous stocks which is spilling over a little to other names, but there's no way this is a signal of a prolonged bear market.

  45. Infaltion, slowing growth, consumer sentiment, savings is a sign of a prolonged bear market. The recipe is there.

  46. Another ~15% dip from here on valuations alone. Throw in bad earning, guidance, economic data, ukraine invasion, more virus bullshit and we can go lower.

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