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‘It’s over’: Twitter France’s head quits amid layoffs

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  1. The first time I really broke through I was overwhelmed by the notion that this is the place I go when I die, which is the same place I was before I was born

  2. Lol this is how i beat the Academy tournament. Lead with glimmora woth focus sash to set up toxic spikes and stealth rocks.

  3. Fun strat. I like to open with Palafin's Flip Turn to enable hero mode and then bring out Glimmora for the spikes.

  4. For sure. Either when it evolves or around L38-40. Maybe try remembering a move and see if it shows up.

  5. Interesting times when Scomo, BoJo and Trump all defied their polls expectations and won.

  6. Cambridge Analytica played a big part in their initial elections!

  7. It’s understood in my core friend group that anyone can just disappear at any time of the night.

  8. Haha, we call it either the 'cheeky sneak off' or a 'smokebomb'.

  9. i love the idea that people think the richest woman in the UK can be 'cancelled'.

  10. There are some mammals that hatch from eggs. Platypus and Echidnas, and both produce milk (without nipples)

  11. I'm cancelling every plate after using it for 5 months. The veggies are off and the quality of the meat is appalling

  12. Haha holy shit. Came here to say this, was not disappointed to see it as the top comment.

  13. Same. She'll crush a 20 mile two day hike or she'll chill on the couch for a lazy Sunday. Granted though, we can only have so many lazy days before she gets a little wild.

  14. Biggest mistake we ever made was teaching ours to say 'walk' (one short shrill bark). Now we get it every day around 4pm.

  15. Haha I promise you I will get a video of it and share here tomorrow.

  16. I don't believe extroverted introvert is a thing, but I would still say I fall in that category and didn't fully realize I had ADHD until my 30's.

  17. Love 'em, One of my favorite fights. I keep him alive on ng+4 just so I can fight him over and over, and as soon as I have him down to low health I let him kill me to begin the cycle again.

  18. You really don’t have to look at it as “beaten”. You don’t lose. You just learn. And learn. And keep learning.

  19. Dustin fun to watch but such a whingy little bitch sometimes

  20. I dunno man, he took a bunch of illegal shots to the back of the head.

  21. This is ignoring other societal changes like the death of religion that is looming. Its not insane to think that reduction in some of the regressive forces that empower some of the boomer mentality and focus will completely wither, thus breaking the cycle.

  22. LOL I'm 58 and I was standing in line with my girlfriend at Panchos Takos in Puerto Vallarta, and I was wearing cargo pants, and two gay guys behind me said, "she lets you wear that?"

  23. People have always been this dumb we just have video evidence now that everyone has phones

  24. In the space of 20 years we went from no video footage, to filming others doing dumb shit and now to filming ourselves.

  25. Do yourself a favor and get out of the sub, come back after watching all seasons

  26. Being in here for the final season weekly episode chats was easily some of the most fun ive ever had on the internet. This sub was absolutely teeming with energy and theories of what will happen.

  27. That is definitely an unpopular opinion because men can't be 'slutty' if there isn't someone willing to let them be a 'slut'. That means for every male and female 'slut', there is someone willing to have sex with them.

  28. So what you're saying is that female sluts are enabled by male sluts?

  29. I think maybe the libs can just do what they do best and spit on me instead.

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