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  1. Same. Having the luxury of time to go to multiple grocery stores for grocery shopping is something I miss so much.

  2. That’s what we’ve been doing! I just feel bad 🥺 lol like I’m depriving him of his own doggie bed but damn! Little dude has gone through 3 in the past couple months and they’re not cheap!

  3. Even better when it’s not the Fanny’s sign!

  4. I work at a local dealership in finance and pull Carfaxes via VINs every day.

  5. It isn't just Corolla. Before the COVID chip shortage, I could buy any Subaru, Honda, Mazda, Nissan with 30 K miles for half price of MSRP.

  6. Please don’t tell people they can go 70k with out an oil change. Jesus.

  7. No joke. So baby's due mid/late December. She wants to have a homebirth in the new house. Yet instead of hurrying along the move-in so that everything's ready, comfy and properly set up in case baby comes early, she's putzing around scraping popcorn off the ceiling. And still wanting to hire and put up scaffolding to scrape the extra high ones that no one can even see.

  8. No one chooses the Dodge Journey; The Dodge Journey chooses you.

  9. I really try not to rip on people’s appearances, but Jesus that hair is bad.

  10. During Covid half of the housewives in Barrie started baking or making treats and charging hella ridiculous prices for them - and people would buy them just to be nice and to "support local". So now, we have about 600 small businesses selling treats competing for the customers still foolish enough to pay their prices. Where else but in Barrie do you pay $75 for an 8 inch birthday cake made in an unlicensed, uninspected kitchen?

  11. Barrie has 2-3 buy or sell groups on fb with a probable collective 20-30k members most allow posts like that

  12. From the post, it sounds like they have already tried posting to local fb groups and they are not having the same results as they did previously in Georgina.

  13. Awww welcome to you and Bugsey!! I can’t wait to see more pictures of him!

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