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  1. this is old af i know but i can try???

  2. If it wasn’t for this post, that video would still be there. Good lord it was uploaded 3 weeks ago and YouTube never deleted it, but then they delete video from content creators INSTANTLY if they only say “fuck”. Fucking hell

  3. It's much, much easier to make an algorithm detecting words rather than videos. If YT had the tools, they'd be deleting this instantly too.

  4. And a lot of fans were probably under 9 or 10 when it did? I can totally imagine kids around 7 or 8 with unlimited internet access finding fnaf. Especially with later games getting even more popular.

  5. Even someone who was 8 back then is now 16 years old :) as a 14 year old I can assure you teens dont really care about the ratings

  6. Yeah, I know. I was a teenager. Anyway, It'd be kinda hard to go see a R rated movie legally without being accompanied by a parent, and most parents don't want their children seeing a rated R movie.

  7. 3D World, Mario Kart Tour, Mario Maker 2, references to it in Odyssey, and now the movie. Not to mention the amiibo.

  8. yeah why do girls have to be so cute and pretty 🥺

  9. The real irony is that FNaF fans probably won't be old enough to see it in cinemas.

  10. Now that you mention it Toad and Balloon Boy have pretty similar body shapes

  11. Because that movie is now the number one weapon against Rotten Tomatoes whenever someone disagrees with the critic consensus. But if the movie was loved by critics you would never hear anyone say “but RT gave cuties a good score so you can’t trust something they call good.”

  12. no offense but i kinda find your way of responding the same thing every time funny and akin to an npc

  13. It's pretty uninteresting how in some communities the person who corrects the mistakes gets downvoted to hell but in some it's the other way around

  14. this sub has reached a level of people reposting💀

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