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  1. Bro are you serious. Is this sub really advocating blasting some 80-year-old senile man that shoots a gun in the air and then slowly walks away? Some people on here are so desperate to get to shoot somebody.

  2. Yeah he was just harmlessly discharging his firearm into the air and threatening to shoot people for drawing on the sidewalk. He’s harmless. /s.

  3. It doesn’t get much more escalated than when the guy fired his weapon and threatened lives. Would you want me to wait for him to actually shoot someone or what?

  4. Guy should have been dropped as soon as he fired his gun into the air and pointed at the camera. He’s signaled that he’s ready and willing to use his firearm.

  5. It’s hard to be a fear mongering media outlet when there’s nothing to fear monger about dead criminals are bad for buisness

  6. They equate legal gun owners to thugs. That were no different from the thieves and murderers.

  7. It's crazy people are downvoting you for saying true things just because they don't want to hear it.

  8. Yeah idk what else to say here. DOD contractors aren’t some bastion of liberal ideals.

  9. It’s pretty telling that your view of “liberal ideals” is not instigating civil conflict because your shitty coup failed.

  10. Wtf are you talking about? What in any of my comments makes you think I’m conservative or a Trumper?

  11. Honestly, putting money into 401k right now is basically setting it on fire anyway. One could have put 20% away every paycheck and have less in their account today than they started the year with. I ended up suspending my contributions because I can get a better return rate from my savings account for the time being.

  12. You should really consider the fact that you’re dollar cost averaging if you’re contributing to a 401k weekly or biweekly.

  13. Yeah, I'm 100% not going to get a better rate long term, but at least this way I get to keep some of it instead of seeing my contributions eaten by the market within a week.

  14. They just had to throw themselves into the mix with a hypothetical. Woke as fuck! LOOK AT US, LOOK AT US!!!

  15. You avoid any arguments and just use insults as your point. How do you expect me to take you seriously

  16. You are incapable of actual arguments and resort to plain insults to make yourself feel better about someone disrupting the circle jerk and echo chamber this subreddit has become.

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