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  1. Call them and find out, and please let us know what they say!

  2. They never have once answered when I’ve called trying to place to-go orders.

  3. I mean, you could just have more than 2 people working??

  4. Yup. If you get too busy for the staff you have, you stop accepting orders. Better to be told, I’m sorry we are on a 90 minute wait upfront.

  5. pets usually lick their food up, so the bowl is totally coated in mouth fluids and bacteria. human bowl probably contains a lot less saliva, as we eat with utensils or hands.

  6. Fleetwood if you want that more humble American Breakfast type place. I may be fueled by nostalgia though.

  7. That’s best for late night munchies not a sit down breakfast. And they don’t really accommodate allergies, you’d have to order dairy free yourself.

  8. And btw, I think you can imagine what means 'special cigarettes'. Maybe he even doesn't has to pee, but is just ashamed to say that he's fucking scared of bad dreams and needs a little rest for himself alone to calm down. But it's just my ideas about it.

  9. Why do you keep commenting about ‘special’ cigarettes??? OP was talking about regular nicotine cigarettes. Weird.

  10. Because of Narcolepsy many people smoke weed. Or maybe she just didn't want to text weed. Thanks for calling me "weird" by helping somebody

  11. Dude. We’ve already been through this. Nobody is arguing with you about whether weed does or doesn’t half narcolepsy. I’m narcoleptic and weed helps me. Everyone is just confused why you’re even talking about weed still when Op was talking about regular nicotine cigarettes. I called you weird bc you keep continuing to talk about something irrelevant to the post even after seeing and reading that it wasn’t ‘special cigarettes’ 🤣

  12. Find munchies that are high-volume low-calorie like cantaloupe, watermelon, celery, cucumber, carrots, etc.

  13. Dirty martini would obviously use olive juice though not Vermouth… I think they’re saying this is like the highball version of a dirty martini

  14. There’s no agreeing to disagree with these specs, though. Unless someone specifically asks for no vermouth, a dirty martini always still has dry vermouth in it. It’s not something to debate, that’s just what the drink is.

  15. Many many many people and places prefer/make it without, it’s one of the classic drinks that’s commonly modernized. I don’t put vermouth in my dirties and I get told all the time by people that it’s the best dirty martini they ever had 🤷

  16. But that’s a preference not the standard. There’s a million ways to make a martini. But if you don’t put vermouth in a dirty I would say it’s not a dirty martini. It’s an extra dry dirty martini. Which is fine. But that’s a mod.

  17. Oh no. If I’m a patron and I see the place is slammed, I will go to the bathroom, grab napkins, slap some antibacterial gel I carry on the table and wipe it myself. And that is ONLY after making sure it’s ok to sit there.

  18. Would you care if the guest cleaned the table for you? I’ve done that. If it pisses people off I will cease this action

  19. Yes. I would care. The optics on that are not great. And how are you going to ‘clean it up’? Or do you just mean scoot it all into a smaller pile?

  20. Fyi, goto a job fair for teachers and move out of state where there is more demand. We did just that in 2009 because MI wasn't cutting it.

  21. That was 13 years ago and the market was completely different.

  22. I want to know what OP paid for this. Did you get to see the "product" before buying. I'm assuming not so much.

  23. Judging by the fact that they posted it here it may not have mattered if they saw it first or not lol

  24. 2 oz Soda water, 1 teaspoon salt, squeeze a lemon or lime, baking soda if you have it and you can add a teaspoon of honey if you like. I never measured anything just eyeballed everything. It's almost like making a Bloody Mary in the sense that once you make it customers will request it.

  25. The ginger ale is part of what helps. But the ango is most of it.

  26. Lol why is everyone taking this so seriously in the comments? They're just having some fun with a toy and some alcohol lol. No need to shit on what they are drinking or their technique since they certainly aren't asking for feedback for suggesting

  27. Still, a lost opportunity. If you’re going to out fourth all that effort, at least make a drink that actually needs to be stirred lol. It would be funnier if it was an old fashioned or martini and it was good lol

  28. One time I slowed to let an old man in a van merge onto the highway on my right. Instead of continuing his speed and merging in front of me… he stopped. Looked like he had his whole family in there with him. So weird.

  29. Yeah. Literally. Parked. Have you been to Ann Arbor late night when the bars are closing down lately? There’s plenty of parking.

  30. So you are speaking to something that you haven’t seen in several years?

  31. Not a single punctuation mark the whole time. Dude uses the send button like a period.

  32. I’m vegetarian and my boyfriend is not, and out of the fancier restaurants I’ve tried with him, I would say Zola Bistro, Evergreen, and Paesano had good options for me. They are fancier but may not be as fancy as you’re looking for - so my suggestion would be 45 minutes on the freeway to Detroit, because there are both way more vegetarian options and more places like fancy hotels with the type of restaurant you might be looking for!

  33. Blue LLama jazz club fits the bill and is as fancy as anything in Detroit. Some of the best food in the state, in my opinion.

  34. Some of these characters don’t appear in the show so I’m not sure why this is here.

  35. Sending good vibes your way. What about having a cocktailer come in for the busiest few hours each day? You split tips per hour worked? They help you wrangle customers and shovel out the drinks you’re making.

  36. That one on the right is dangerous. You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!

  37. The media is insidious to that end, so seeing that as unrelated is a key part of their “divide and conquer” technique.

  38. Still better than the special kind of dismissiveness they do when they darken (OJ) crime suspects to trigger a certain kind of reaction…

  39. Nothing online. Get the cocktail codex and read it. Find the best mixologist in your area and get a job barbacking for them. Get a job as a bartender and live it every day. Straw test everything. Do ‘the daiquiri’ test to yourself so you know where your preferences lean. Taste, taste, taste. Balance.

  40. To elaborate further I would also like something that would help me know how to design my own cocktails

  41. All you need to design your own cocktails is to understand balance and ratios. You can only be taught so much.

  42. I think it’s up to the bartender. Usually I would only do a well and a mixer for a heavily discounted special. But if someone orders a tequila sunrise, I’m not gonna be an asshole haha. The grenadine is quick and cheap and doesn’t really take longer to make. If I have to shake it, or it has an expensive ingredient, though, it’s a no.

  43. Only if they do it again and again, in my opinion... raising prices to cover a living wage and futureproofing sounds like the right idea.

  44. I mean, why should I give money to a business for nothing in return? That’s some prime real estate to be just asking for

  45. Yeah, why would they not have gotten the PPP loan? Sounds like they didn’t try it didn’t qualify. Which is not a good look.

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