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  1. very nice to see pullen there

  2. I would like to know if there is any truth behind the claims that the Chinese plays found guilty were being coerced into match fixing by threats of violence from certain ‘entities’ at home. IMO if this is the case it would be very unjust to ban a player who had to choose between being seriously harmed (maybe even killed) or go along with the threat?


  4. surprisingly these things take time

  5. no clue tbf only thing i'd be sure on (as others mentioned below) is o'sullivan in 13 and hendry/davis at some point

  6. Yeah to beat a half-decent Hendry 17-4 is mental

  7. yeaa some people say hendry was done at that point yet hendry was the higher ranked player of the two, had beaten ronnie in the uk semi final that season and also a big ranking event final. ofc it wasn't the same 90s hendry but still to get beaten 17-4 was ridiculous

  8. his safety was very good especially and his play in general but his break building statistically was the worst in that tournament out of all other world titles he has won. still pretty much walked it though outside of the robbo match

  9. kpop for london in september looks stacked. twice 2 days and aespa 1 day both at the o2 and then kpop flex over 3 days at the o2. no idea of the lineup for the latter though

  10. the way the fandoms fight you'd think the idols had personally insulted each other or something lol. you're right it's pretty amusing to see how worked up people get over nothing but also sad as a fan of both. i would still like to think its just a minority of both fanbases and those who do support both groups just avoid the toxic circles

  11. living near to the arena really is blessed. have managed to get tickets to yesterday and today for a combined 38£ because resellers panic closer to the start time and list tickets for far lower than face value

  12. A massive factor in clubs closing is the fact by design they need to be massive and they tend to be in central locations. High rents, high energy costs. In a lot of cities/towns you’d make more money turning the space into flats etc.

  13. > I believe WST have some new people involved now

  14. he didn't really get to play on his first year of the card outside of one tournament so was hoping he would get this new one

  15. i don't think it's as black and white as some make it out to be here. he isn't a complete dick of a person and he isn't the nicest, he's somewhere in the middle.

  16. doing a lot of promo for his book

  17. i've got tickets for the chelsea united womens cup final so it'll be my first time at wembley but surely there's no way you HAVE to print the tickets to get access into the stadium. surely just the qr code on your mobile will suffice as is the case almost everywhere else?

  18. There was a young Belgian player called Luka Bracel or something that played with 2 cues at the Masters a few years ago. I don't know what became of him though.

  19. the commentators/pundits were absolutely baffled there lmao

  20. these repost bots are hella weird

  21. i can't find it but the post history of the user😭

  22. congrats, we'll see you there😁

  23. I'm a big fan of Ronnie as a player but I do honestly feel anything there is to know is already known.

  24. the new stuff would probably be his thoughts on the 2022 worlds. touched a tiny bit on it here but not much new if you've listened to his podcasts and such before ofc

  25. it's goal difference and then goals scored, so if mansfield had scored another then salford would've been out. if only

  26. Yeah but if Salford conceded and lost 2-0, they would have still gone to the playoffs on H2H!

  27. oh right haha that makes sense

  28. The video I’ve been searching for is his press conference after that match. He wasn’t as confident in English and he was asked if he could see himself winning the tournament in the future. He at first responded something like “Yes, easy”, but then walked it back a bit. I think he actually meant “Yes, definitely”’because he’s never struck as being particularly cocky. Anyhow, it gave me a chuckle and would be nice to see again in retrospect.


  30. damn that was emotional

  31. As a big stats nerd I'm loving these posts man, keep 'em coming!

  32. if you look through my profile you'd see a ton of stats i posted from around 9~ months ago haha, have far less time to do them now but just updating the ones i have done with the stats for 22/23 included😅

  33. I guess it's the 50+ breaks that are most important as in most cases they'll be frame-winning contributions.


  35. was surprised to see bai yulu there. made

  36. Yes, Snooker19 has been abandoned by the developers, which means there are no new updates. But in my opinion it's still the best snooker game avaliable. I still play it and would recommend it.

  37. outside of shooters pool this has the best physics i'd say, break building on it is really fun and feels like real. of course the graphics and presentation are crap but for me it's not important

  38. I don't know how old everyone else is here but after your mid-forties, even if you've looked after yourself, you definitely lose something.

  39. zhao's defo gonna get a lot of hate even if its looking like he hasn't actually fixed matches. i think he'll get a year ban so he'll be back in january, but he's going to have to do a lot to even stay on tour

  40. so, i love zhao and have watched him for a long time so i'm biased, but it looks to me he'll get the lowest ban here. he didn't actually fix any matches, so i guess his problem will be failing to report other players match fixing to the wpbsa? he's bet on matches too, but if it's not bets on him losing matches it won't be that serious

  41. Life time ban for all. No place for it in the game, and any less wouldn't be a deterrent.

  42. won't happen and they're all charged for different things

  43. feels like that could've been announced before qualifiers but perhaps a couple of big bans are incoming

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