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  1. I did the sirens eye today…. our shipment of 25ish card designs had a single design with a drawing of a hanukkiah on it but no words. Plenty of cutesy generic winter cards and plenty of ‘hinting at but not outright saying’ Christmas cards, and a handful of merry Christmas’s

  2. honestly posted this right after a shift and had written more and accidentally put a photo instead

  3. why it so dirty and stanky🤢🥴🥴🥴

  4. Ur back area looks so hard to walk around😭

  5. it is, this is literally the whole area, been to other sb and it is so much easier to walk around

  6. I don’t care about most things but please clean the sinks - they get so much built up nastiness 😫

  7. I absolutely wipe them down and wash the spray thingy cause they get so gross I just don't deep clean scrub cause my sm is so strict ab it

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