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  1. People sometimes act surprised that I like Gove but when he talks about Greenfall I think hes giving an honest assessment of the facts. Which is what we need more of.

  2. Gove is unironically the best PM the Tories could have (realistically) had this century.

  3. They’re convinced the can pull a John Major in 1992 against all evidence to the contrary.

  4. Workshopping a take that 2019 was actually the 1992 comparison and 2024 is 1997 if the Tories are lucky.

  5. Sizable majority but a remain seat with the Liberals in clear second place. On currently polling I'd say it's possible for him to lose.

  6. He one of the MPs I'm most looking forward to seeing lose next time.

  7. Lazy attempt to put Andrew Tate and Labour into the same headline. Plenty recent sex scandals in the Tory party, you know, the party actually in charge.

  8. This isn't a Tory-Labour thing though. It's transphobia not party political.

  9. Then how come the author of the article singled out Labour and not Westminster?

  10. Labour MPs stood up for trans rights in the chamber.

  11. Surely Scotland would use county level is Wales is.

  12. Refusing to go along with bigotry is not silencing women. Pretending like all women have the same transphobic opinion is silencing women. Particularly trans women.

  13. So many people will be shocked when Labour wins women by 20 points without a platform focus on transphobia.

  14. Sunak is so bad at politics. This was the obvious outcome the second the story broke but he let it run.

  15. It is, however, the thing that will win them the election after that.

  16. Would it? If they win this time then switching to PR would hurt them next time round.

  17. Right now, it's looking like Labour could get a landslide in 2024/5.

  18. But why would Johnson say Sharp knows nothing about his fiances? Surely he wouldn't just lie...

  19. The last time Labour said similar things we ended up with PFI, the expenses scandal, and little to no regulation of the banks in the lead-up to the financial crisis.

  20. I feel like only one of those is relevant unless you feel Starmer saying this will cause another global financial crisis.

  21. Well the SNP doesn’t have an army but you assume the British Government holds all the cards. Sturgeon can point to clear legal precedent…and there’s the international community. It’d be sheer chaos and it’s impossible to predict how it would end.

  22. Do you think the police in Edinburgh will just turn up and handcuff the Scottish government. Apart from anything else the whole premise is based on them winning the popular vote. Think that through, if you had a majority actually voting for it would be a moment of utter crisis for the British government.

  23. If they've decided to declare independence yes, see catalonia in 2017. Who's going to stop the police?

  24. Assessment of the very very small numbers of individuals on a case by case basis is sensible.

  25. The money would have been better spent on improving transport in the north, like St Etienne

  26. That would be St Etienne with high sped rail services to Paris and Lyon?

  27. It's a mixed bag. The changes in the constituency maps between '97 and 2024 mean that even more tactical voting will be needed to overcome voter sorting and get them out.

  28. The boundary changes won't matter much given the current polling.

  29. Though I hope it won't be - I think it's possible that the current lead is as much as halved by the end of a 6-8 week election campaign. Sadly, voter sorting means that even if you transposed the LAB swing of 13% from 1997 to today's boundaries, their majority could be significantly smaller (even barely a majority) because of where those votes lie.

  30. Even halving the current polling lead would have Labour leading by 10%. The Tories are losing voters all over the place so they won't be saved by Labour winning the wrong voters.

  31. HS2 makes little sense out of the EU, particularly when so many of the people who might previously have used it for business are now working from home and taking Zoom meetings instead. It's a 19th century solution to 20th century problems being pushed in the 21st century.

  32. People still need to take trains and our railways need more capacity. The pandemic nor brexit have changed that.

  33. Instant minor controversy that bumps existing controversy to the background in the news cycle.

  34. Your assertion that productivity is lower and we're making stuff up...

  35. Sunak is very bad at politics. This should be the final nail in the coffin for the idea he can turn it around.

  36. It should be. It also should mean he's utterly fucked. However, history shows us that would should happen in these situations rarely happens; the likelihood is that nothing will happen, bar some token hand wringing.

  37. Even if nothing happens the Tories will lose the next election in a landslide. They need to start turning things around but Sunak's weakness is making it impossible.

  38. It's so weird how people keep defending her. Is this was someone "being silenced" over their views on gay people or Jews we'd have no problem calling them the bigot that they are.

  39. Enshrined in law isn't helpful as Westminster can always rewrite the law but there needs to be something in place so northen leaders have a real say and Westminster can't cut and run on projects the second it becomes a bit hard.

  40. There is nothing wrong with Manchesters tram network. An underground system is not intrinsically superior to an above ground tram.

  41. Yes, you cannot compare a tram system and an underground. A tram system is a glorified long bus, an underground system would be way, way better, but unfortunately Manchester is in the UK and all the money in the UK gets making London better.

  42. Trams are good though and more cities in the UK should have them. It's just that to work you need a dedicated right of way which too often we don't have. Just the other week there was a car crash round the corner from me on one of the street running sections and that blocked the tram.

  43. Hard PMQs for Starmer because of expectations, short of Sunak admitting he dodges tax it will he written up by the lobby as Starmer not landing a major blow.

  44. Aren't they effectively the same thing when it comes to courting voters?

  45. Not really, right now voters aren't paying that much attention. I think a good 3% saying they'll vote Labour in the opinion polls will end up Lib Dem when they find out who the anti Tory challenged is.

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