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  1. My N/A 350Z nvidia Q300 exhaust is Way louder, the new 4” exhaust on the 34 is actually really quiet, but man the boost piles on quick now, and holds it really well, 4th gear wheel spin is super fun.

  2. what center muffler is that? Was thinking of putting a hooker as that is really the only people who make a SS 4'' straight through but I keep putting it off (for years now)

  3. How can we make a huge complex task completely impossible so it won't work and will end up costing three times as much? Pentagon:

  4. some ppl just want to watch the world burn, then there are others that are incompetent

  5. I only vape straight flavours which I have had more luck with because I can relate to the fruit for example

  6. Pretty much. Had a Zeus tank for a few years until I lost the whole mod. Been rocking a SMOK RPM160 pod system for about the last six to eight months.

  7. Not gonna lie, I was pretty intimidated with the whole coil building process. Once I built my first coils for this setup and realized how easy it was, I laughed at myself for putting it off for so long.

  8. i remember fucking up my first claptons, couple of years after that you could buy rolls, now you can buy them even pre wound

  9. 2 bent legs need fixing and tempering before it can be used again otherwise it will prob slip off

  10. Probably why it hasn’t been used in years. Thanks!

  11. heat and hammer it straight, then heat and quench for a basic temper

  12. Thanks for the advice, I tried getting council approval to remove the tree but was denied despite being considered a pest tree.

  13. just cut it back then, you can start now and fill your green bin up every week or start after summer if you use it for shaded parking

  14. I know very little about composting, anywhere you recommend for learning the basics?

  15. you can do the lazy way, add a layer of this stuff, 1/2 to 1 catcher of mower clippings and just layer it like a cake, add kitchen scraps, leaf matter that you rake up, anything from your garden except sticks. Water it once a week

  16. 2 but i have found that swapping between them too much mutes their flavour so I will use one for half a day then the other for the next half (roughly) and im back to tasting juice

  17. if you have an angle grinder with a diamond disc, a chisel and a 3lb sledge you can try scoring it and hitting the line with the chisel and hammer

  18. everything they have said is 100% opposite so maybe it will be over soon...

  19. with a powerwall prob not but in the past year there have been some chinesium batteries that are also rack mounted and expandable

  20. Tesla Powerwalls are rediculous atm. Latest pricing Ive seen is around $17,000. Meanwhile, something like the Alpha ESS at 13.3kwh is more like $7,000.

  21. the first site I clicked on for the lifepower4 had a 30kwh with rack for 10k USD. That is from a US based reseller so its prob going to be a little less buying it from china

  22. bro in law lost a dog that way on xmas day, didnt get to xmas dinner until 9pm

  23. last holiday I had in the US there were vape shops everywhere, if you need it quick just check out a shop in your town?

  24. youre at the age of wanting a running car soon so just do that, fix or replace

  25. remove the tap, dont break the the pipe. Then put it in a vise or something

  26. is it a seldom used toilet? The water can evaporate if thats the case

  27. Nah it’s the main toilet, definitely not underused 💩

  28. buy an extra device so you wont run out of batteries or juice or whatever

  29. Yeah but the problem here is even if it get approved in the MOT, the DMV might call you in to check if those who took the MOT did theyr job, and the DMV checks everything.. And if they se a big blingy standalone ecu they take you plates and they also take the chops permisson to MOT cars. But will just get a link ecu and try it from there. Is it worth it? No.. Do I have any sens of finacial control? No.. But this is what i like doing so im gonna do it😂 The damn car never works anyways so might as well just use it as a track car

  30. what do they look for? just the outside housing? the plug in still use a map sensor so there will be a non factory vac line going to the ecu box which will also need a cut out for the line

  31. Well the DMV check everything, partnumber on turbo exc. So a stocklooking ecu is a must. For me I still run oem turbo manifold and intake, just bolt on stuff. And intercooler piping is all black. So it will probaly pass MOT fine as it is, its just the DMV is extremely strickt. But yeah, for me its worth a couple of days swapping aftermarked parts of and fitting oem on and have it approved for another 2 years. And im not planning on more than 350whp to begin with. But later down the road i want to upgrade transmission and the cylinder head and maybe push 450whp. But time will tell. Just need to figure out my options of having it modified but with the stock look. Everything engine wise I have figured, its just the damn ecu I am worried about. But I guess ill invest in a link ecu, if it all goes to hell ill just buy a new stock engine😂

  32. most of the time the plate is covered in oil or sometimes it cant be seen. You can also run a G series or pulsar turbo and just put the plate from the stock turbo on, its only a rivet

  33. Check out German cockroaches on Google. If that’s what you’ve got, that’s why nothing is working. You’ll need to pull everything and I do mean everything out of the kitchen, bleach and scrub every nook and cranny with boiling water, and get the pro’s in. Nothing else will get rid of these little c#nts.

  34. you also need to pull apart your microwave and shake the fk out of your toaster

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