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  1. No problem. It's kind of tedious, but there are a lot of settings for the server admin to play with. I for one work full time, and don't have the time to sit around while things take hours or days just to craft or tame or whatever, because I work it takes me just as long to progress with my faster crafting speeds, than it takes someone who is playing all day every day with normal speed

  2. Omg agreed. Took me 3 hours just to find and start mining iron, I work with kids and so I just wanted to have something accomplished but I spent most of my time being lost just trying to find my body

  3. Lmao I felt that. Good luck with your game my friend! Let us know if you need any more advice, I've noticed a lot of old advice online so this is a good place to go. Also be ready for a big update soon! Age of sorcery chapter 3 march 14!

  4. Hey mama 💕 I'm sending this to my best friend, whose also a trans man. As a nanny I've worked with am open an accepting family with a clearly trans little girl, not even in kindergarten.

  5. Also I'd like to say bring this to trans subreddits, there so many good communities who will help give advice and honestly love hearing a mom like you. Plus it'll be good for you to see what others are facing, good and bad. You've got this

  6. The Croning shouldn't have, but it did. I Am Thinking of Ending Things did not (just now finished).

  7. Did not? It's on my tbr list but I have yet to commit. It doesn't seem all that interesting tbh

  8. It was a decent read, don't get me wrong. I finished it in a day and I don't usually get that sucked into books. Worth reading but I was expecting a lot more. The Croning was an absolute trip.

  9. Hi! Was in a similar ravenous phase a few months ago and quickly curated some goodies. Though I have to say, GoodReads will be your best friend. It's a book app, and will have recommendations under books you have read. You can use it for your TBR and follow people and such, i use it to suggest books to my friends directly.

  10. I read the Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell for a high school class, and remember being profoundly affected by it. It’s set in an alternate reality where Earth makes contact with an alien race, and on the consequences of their interactions. The writing is exquisite, but I was alternately shocked, disturbed and awe-inspired while reading it.

  11. Hello! I'd like to personally thank you, for recommending this book. It took two weeks to fully read it because I had to keep stopping.

  12. Into the Forest by Jean Heglund. It was a well written book with a story that grabbed me. The setting and details were really interesting. And then… jfc. I needed to take a break. But I had to go back to it and know how it ended.

  13. I actually ordered it a few days ago! It's arriving later next week because I had gotten it from a library. I loved the movie and the themes of it

  14. Right-click on your start menu and select 'System'. Tell us what it says for 'Processor' and 'Installed RAM'.

  15. I won't shame you for your PC. But the word is imbecile.

  16. I'm anything but incompetent on who I am, my speciality is downloading and being happy i have a ps4

  17. this specifically relates to if you're binding either unsafely (wrong size, poor or uneven compression, wearing it for too long in one go) or for long periods of time (months to years). to wear as a get home item might not be the most used prep, but unless your home is days away by foot wearing a binder won't permanently damage anything.

  18. I don't plan to long term, but just knowing HOW is what I think is important. practicing and binding for an hour every once and awhile so you know what it feels like, and educating yourself on safe binding practices. Not just for potential wshtf safety but also to help or be educated about it in general

  19. I'll also add my experience: assigned female at birth, been rocking a very short haircut of some variety for about 15 years, and I regularly get "sir" from mostly men, and mostly when they haven't really seen my face (or heard my voice: it's not very low). It seems to be the hair: when I had long hair below my shoulders, it didn't matter how I dressed, I never got mistaken. Now I do.

  20. Yes yes and yes. Knowing how to cut your hair in the right style is so key, something I'd probably sob about honestly. I'm a very fem presenting person and I love my hair long and soft. I honestly can see how it'd be traumatizing to ha e to pass as a gender and sex that you're simply not or identify as.

  21. TL;DR Realistically, and especially without licensing, there isn’t really anything that will do that.

  22. That's super good to know. I know about Ham and all the complexities it'd take so that's why I was hesitating that route in the first place and was more leaning towards an easier solution. But I guess that sometimes I expect tech to be a bit further than it really is haha

  23. The current amount of crestie balls on my feed rn is way more than I thought I'd ever want or need

  24. Omg just looked it up, it sounds so incredibly engrossing. For sure buying it soon now

  25. It’s incredibly well written, and the story and setting are unlike anything else I’ve ever read. It’s weird and sexy and disturbing and brilliant.

  26. It looked brilliant to be sure, I'm very excited for it to be on my read list

  27. I've been reading the Unnamed Midwife, and tho it tackles the same post apocalyptic world trope, the way it goes about it and holds no punches has left me needing to put it down at points.

  28. I get anxiety too so I learned to do mine at home, so I totally get why it was hard to speak up 💕 one step at a time, but now you've experienced this you can think of ways to say something next time. Even asking to see which color- or pick the bottle yourself- before it's applied! You're doing great. It's hard to have anxiety and go out. Regardless, it looks so lovely. And I hope next time you don't have to worry as much 💕

  29. The forest on peaceful mode is pretty beginner friendly, non complicated survival with the ability to still do the story without enemies

  30. When I lost my brother suddenly i couldn't stop screaming, 5 years later its not any easier.

  31. When the pda goes "lost transition with (ship rescuing you" and the game just goes quiet and back to normal as you watch the last debris fall into the ocean. The total sense of helplessness and hopelessness was so overwhelming in that quiet

  32. The paternal instinct to save our son < the paternal instinct to build a gazebo.

  33. The forest is a personal favorite, you survive a plane crash and have to find your son while exploring caves, building a fort, and staving off cannibals

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