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Juice WRLD Discography (Updated 2021)

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  1. He posted a snap the night before showing a ritual and saying he sold his soul

  2. I have chronic daily tension headaches so I’m in pain all the time. However, if I stand up after sitting I get a severe throbbing headache for like ten seconds. It feels as though a wave or tsunami of pain washes over my head, but just for a few seconds. Then the pain lowers and returns to it’s normal pain level. I have no idea why one experiences this, but I think this might be the same thing you’re experiencing too :)

  3. I think so too, however, BD had apparently stated that they will only add vehicles if they add new elements of gameplay. That explains why there are huge differences between each vehicle we have now.

  4. A bomber wouldn’t add anything new, and before you argue, no, higher payload is not at all a new gameplay mechanic lol. tbh I wouldn’t even consider swing wing/IRST to be much of new mechanics either, functionally they kinda already exist.

  5. bro they already used this photo shoot for his demons album wtf u talking about😂

  6. Something, something, Juice wlrd popsicle or sum like that can’t remember the lyrics exactly

  7. “My wifey fuck me off of the whitey, Malcolm middle Put it in her mouth, Juice WRLD popsicle”

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