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  1. I wish this worked for me. When I used send to kindle for a 1500 page book and whisper sync didn't work at all. The one time I had a chance to read from my phone out and about I spent most of the time trying to find where I left off. Does whisper sync only work eith certain formats ?

  2. I have sent mobi and more recently epub using Send to Kindle and generally works fine and the books sync without any problems.

  3. Send to Kindle for me because I have 2 Kindles and also I have the app on my phone, so if I use Send to Kindle the book syncs across all 3 (and a copy gets to live in my Amazon account too).

  4. Sorry I didn't explain clearly enough, it's not the actual title that changes, it's the name that shows in your Kindle library that has the added "junk" from Amazon when you view it in list view. Viewing it in grid view just shows the covers, and they are fine and show the right title.

  5. Real kits and badges does help the immersion, but as pointed out make no difference to gameplay.

  6. Had a couple of Kindle Unlimited trials over the years and was never tempted to actually take out a subscription.

  7. Errm... how do you shut the laptop without damaging the screen?

  8. Last time I was looking for steam gift cards it was some weird 3rd card I had to activate through their site then it gave me an actual steam code, was tesco I bought them from. Haven't bought gift cards since cause it was such a fkn hassle, had to make an account on the 3rd party site and everything

  9. I didn't see any 3rd party card that were specifically for Steam but I did spot a few cards that were along the lines of "gifts for all" where you could use them at a selection of retailers but I didn't look too closely at those. Just don't see the point of them at all - might as well just go for pre-paid Visa card (or gift cash) to give the recipient total freedom of choice.

  10. I also can't find them anywhere AT ALL anymore. All I can assume is there is some 3rd party dispute about commission and so none are produced.. or maybe there's just some kind of supply issue and not enough to give to all retailers.

  11. You may be right about some kind of 3rd party dispute as I can't imagine that Steam themselves would want to limit supplies at this time of year.

  12. Juice. Not to be confused with juice of course!

  13. Had the right middle finger ring bug - got rid of it by selecting that finger for a ring even though in accessories it wasn't showing as having one, and it disappeared.

  14. So you can see how long until the board sack you.

  15. Dunno why this made me spit Cornflakes across the kitchen table, but it did, so have an upvote

  16. If by GP you mean Game Pass (for PC) you most assuredly can use kit packs, logo packs, face packs and even the real name fix.

  17. You can have more than 1 Kindle registered to the same Amazon account and if you do then all the Kindles will have access to all the books on that account.

  18. Absolutely fucking hate it. Don't want to see our classic club colours of yellow and blue reimagined, especially when yellow is reimagined as mucky white. Oh well, on the bright side I'll have another £60 to put towards my gas bill this year!!

  19. Only today I stumbled across a Reddit post mentioning Libation and thought "oooh, I'll give that a go" and all I can say is wow, it is so freaking brilliant.

  20. I think it might be possible to send emails that automatically delete after a period of time specified by the sender.

  21. I had exactly the same issue with my 11 month old G5 5500.

  22. Dell is dodging my calls, twice now she listens the problem about 4-1 then there is silence and the call disconnects

  23. Yes, exactly the same pattern and speed.

  24. Yes I did. It was a bit of journey though :

  25. My Dell G5 5500 does the same, but only when giving it a workout (playing games) and it's driving me nuts trying to wok out what's causing it (it's been returned once already under warranty).

  26. I have the same model as you and there is nothing I am aware of that will let you control fan speed directly.

  27. thanks, where do i find dell power manager, is it on the dell website or a app somewherre?

  28. My device came with it installed but I do believe you can get if from the Dell website here:

  29. I have this device and mine is nearly a year old now. I started having unexpected shutdowns after playing games for a while, then after my system restarted it would happen again in a much shorter timeframe.

  30. It is basically a hardcoded regen, quite often these will be Sports Interactive members of staff.

  31. Not sure about the clock as I don't display it but the reading time (bottom left) cycles if you tap it:

  32. I had exactly the same problem, and also had an issue with the LED strip that runs across the front where one of the LEDs had become "stuck" on yellow. Contacted Dell support and ended up returning my device for repair (still under warranty).

  33. I have had this issue a few times with books I've used the Kindle send to email service.

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