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  1. Aren’t these the Burger King ones? If so, about 25$ a piece sealed in box.

  2. I passed on both. Arceus box is okay but the metal cards are just reprints.

  3. Every time I order from Japanese sellers on eBay I get a nice little message and map showing me where it came from. The postage they use is generally more fancy as well.

  4. I'm lucky if any of the stores around me have any sets of DBS. Online it is.

  5. I finally received my code and now when checking out it won't accept any of my payments...great!

  6. I had the same issue and nothing worked other than checking out as a guest with a different card. Very annoying but I got my order in at least.

  7. Tried checking out as guest and still didn't work. I had my GF use her computer and her card without an account and it went through. Who knows!?

  8. Got mine too! It won’t let me check out though for some reason so I had to contact them :(

  9. I bought Slamscape when I was really young and remember having no idea what was happening.

  10. Man I can’t find anything in stores around me. Target sometimes will have single blisters but once it’s gone it’s gone. Great score! Also, Realm of the Gods for sure.

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