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  1. Either they are both at the bottom of Blackwater Bay or Blackfyre is with Homeless Harry Strickland and Dark Sister is with Brynden Rivers.

  2. Yeah most likely. You think Dark Sister ends up with Meera and Blackfyre with Aegon?

  3. You must know some great places to hide and make use of that wonderful body.

  4. Destroying my brain yet becoming a marine engineer look mate you’ve lost this battle im better in everyway i wouldnt speak to you if u came up to me in public you’d scare me off now fuckoff n mind ur business since all ur tryna do is destroy my business

  5. Becoming a marine engineer but need money of half of the men on the internet.

  6. apprentice* and yeah i dont need your money or their money i was just doing advertising like everyone else now shut ur trap because we both know you aint get pussy unless u pay for it

  7. For someone with aspirations to a career that requires intelligence you are dumb as fuck.

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