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  1. I know this discussion is 2 days old now but if anyone's interested in lending a hand, I'm currently trying to brainstorm different time periods to explore in a time travel story!

  2. Been in a relationship for a little over a year now, which has outlasted any I've been in before. I will say it's hard to be the person she needs me to be sometimes. Making time for her every day and spending money on our dates has not been easy. She thanks me for it but part of me sort of misses the days when I had a lot of "me time". But the way she fulfills me by making me feel loved and giving my life purpose makes the sacrifices worth it. Before I met her I didn't think I'd ever have the mentality to handle a relationship. It's really all about finding the right person. Lately I've even getting better about setting boundaries for my personal well being, which she's been understanding of. It's just a matter of not being blameful about it. She can be needy at times but her heart's in the right place, which I admire.

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