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  1. This franchise needs a new GM and coach that can properly utilize all the young talent we have right now

  2. All it would take is the worlds largest touring acts to all stand together against Ticketmasters bullshit. But, they won’t, because millionaires love money.

  3. “Man I fucking hate that guy. I wish he was on my team.” -me. And probably a lot of other people.

  4. Now that's just objectively flat out not true lmao

  5. His lyrics are terrible and the main reason he’s famous is for going OOO WAH AH AH AH

  6. The man's literally a classically trained singer, if down with the sickness is the only song you know him for, that's your own problem

  7. “Disturbed in the house we’re droppin’ plates”

  8. Pacific is gonna be a real bitch when the Sharks get Bedard

  9. If the jets and predators could both lose in regulation that’d be great

  10. Fuck, if he takes 19 I’m getting my Tkachuk jersey re done

  11. My parents got my wife and I a surround sound system for Christmas one year from some guy driving a white van in a mall parking lot… they didn’t work at all 😂😂 and then my mom wouldn’t understand why I thought it was so funny that they got scammed out of $1000

  12. People can’t even vacation there right now without worrying about being targeted by the fuckhead cartel, but it’s ok let’s send all of the worlds athletes there it’ll be fine

  13. Cena’s interview on Whiskey Ginger with Andrew Santino was very good for anyone wanting to know where this quote came from.

  14. I hope Dalton at least gets some good offence in, the Bang a Rang is to cool to not be seen every week

  15. Imagine letting a fictional book dictate how you live your life

  16. Sounds like you’re dating a real piece of shit

  17. A copy of Alanis Morissette’s 1995 album, Jagged Little Pill

  18. As opposed to you, Mr too cool to spell the word “you”.

  19. So 2 more years and he’ll break it or does he slow down dramatically?

  20. The only authority figure I ever want to see on weekly wrestling tv ever again is Dario Cueto

  21. Check out MLW. He’s currently their authority figure as Cesar Duran.

  22. Yeah I just wish their production wasn’t so shitty lol

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