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  1. “You’re just another guy to me”

  2. You are trying to make it sound like I’m exclusively against woman cosplays. I’m not.

  3. Again, not trying to make you sound like anything. I don't have to. Just telling you what you already sound like.

  4. You deliberately attempted to highlight that I praised a guys cosplay, and then wasn’t a fan of a female character cosplay.

  5. This movie is going to be so good. My 2nd most anticipated after Thunderbolts.

  6. With all these delays it’ll probably be somewhere around 2028 to be completely honest

  7. I heard one rumor, cant remember where unfortunately. But it was that Phase 6 is actually called "The Battleworld Saga". Where every project will be connected.

  8. They won't be in a row. Probably at least a 1 year gap between each.

  9. The Ship of Theseus thought experiment between Hex Vision and White Vision in WandaVision

  10. That other dweeb put his Reddit username on the logo he made like someone was gonna steal his fuckin ms paint turd

  11. “Noooo you can’t screenshot my NFT because it’s non-fungible and the only one available and made by meeeee 🥺🥺!!!!”

  12. It makes perfect sense. Rama Tuts existence was already confirmed in season 1. He was on the back of a guys jacket during a rooftop fight scene (forgot which episode)

  13. And all of that for children she made up out of nothing just about a week prior (I forgot how long a timespan WV is)

  14. Nah man ENOUGH with every character turning into comic relief. Too much of anything isn't good.

  15. Im sure this thread will be respectful, knowledgeable, and immensely civil.

  16. Canadian here. Haven’t seen anything like that in men’s rooms.

  17. I liked the actress and thought she did well. But I felt like her scenes were reduced to “Shit! Dammmmmn! That is wack!” Her whole role in the movie was unnecessary and could have mostly even been done offscreen (unnamed scientist).

  18. Wouldnt be surprised if Disney had something to do with it. Theyre on a manhunt for whoever leaked the Ant Man 3 script.

  19. I’m Sorry but isn’t antman 3 in theaters? why would someone leak the script for something that someone could technically just go and transcribe themselves?

  20. The leak happened in January, about a month before it came out.

  21. I wonder if this will be an MCU first f-bomb with one use allowed as always in pg-13 movies?

  22. Doubt it. If I were to bet, the first f-bomb is coming in Deadpool 3.

  23. I swear to god if the suits at Disney make DP3 into anything but Rated-R... 🙄

  24. DP3 is confirmed by Kevin Feige himself that it will be rated R

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