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  1. Any radio with cat controls you can run on an ipad etc. Attach a pi to the back of the radio and RPD into it from the tablet phone whatever.

  2. Interesting. I’ve got a couple pi’s. I’ll look into this. Thank you.

  3. I don’t understand why lots of people complain about the alleged horrible UI on the FT-891. It’s logically laid out and extremely well documented. There are even spreadsheets available with every menu item and function available. As a practical solution, most of the menu item settings and functions you figure out your preferences, set once and don’t mess with them much ever again. Lots of them are available with a single button press and those which are not can be assigned to one of three buttons and the function button reverts to the last one used so there are actually four. It has one if the best receivers available even outpacing those that cost way more than the unit and it’s filtering capabilities are second to none.

  4. It’s an amazing radio no doubt. I just don’t like the UI. I think I would consider it if it had a little more to it. Maybe 2m and 70cm or an internal tuner or a touch screen with the same menus. Maybe it’s a Millennial thing as well, I’m 37 so I learned the iPhone in my 20’s and am used to more touch screen and computer interfaces. Everyone has their preferences, a lot of folks don’t like the UI, however a lot do.

  5. Sorry but that there is a wolf pup…and a doggo. Joking aside, congrats!

  6. Depends on the PSU but it should work. I’d upgrade as soon as you can afford it.

  7. are those being deployed? haven’t seen any videos of them

  8. I saw a video of a Taiwanese (I think) drone that had a rotary drum that could dispense 5-10 grenades. I thought the title said they were sending them to Ukraine. Could be totally wrong though.

  9. That’s normal. You can tilt the hitch more or less depending on how much you want to level your vehicle and trailer.

  10. I’ve found streaming through to be much better. Seems like games on ESPN+ were always blacked out. We moved from CO to Vegas and then to ID and we could barley watch anything.

  11. Start with YouTube and watch guys like Randy Newberg and Steve Rinella. Decide what weapon you’d like to use (bow, gun…) and start practicing. If you can find someone locally to go with and show you the ropes I’d highly recommend it. Hopefully you can connect with someone (either through Reddit or forums or local hunting shops…). I’m a novice hunter who was never taught hunting growing up. I took hunters safety at 14 but never went on a big game hunt with my parents or friends. Went out for the first time in 2010 and had 3 or 4 unsuccessful hunts since then. Last week I finally shot my first deer (Mulie). Great feeling and worth all of the self teaching and waiting. Good luck and don’t give up!

  12. He was walking away eating acorns when I took the shot, I hit the lung, He made it 30 yards and collapsed.

  13. Cool. So that must have been the entrance wound then if it was quartering away. Nice shot.

  14. That’s correct, my shot was 45 yards at an uphill grade, 400 grain bolt, from the R29, 100gr G5 fixed broadhead, Public land. After about a mile on his trail I caught him walking away eating acorns as I summited the mountain face. Got like 10lbs of jerkey for the season, and a freezer full of meat😋. The mount will be back from the taxidermy soon hopefully. First public land and first velvet.

  15. Thanks!! So the PSU is actually in a compartment behind the MOBO. This case is a Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL.. has a whole setup behind the MOBO to route cables/cooling/the PSU.

  16. Amazing story. Tough guy doesn’t begin to describe him. This happened in the Maddison Valley in MT. Lots of Griz up here. Luckily I’ve never had an encounter with one fishing, hiking or hunting…yet.

  17. I carry a 10mm with 220 gr hard cast. 17+1 of that plus bear spray gives me the warm fuzzy.

  18. I think mostly everyone here was in the 10-15 age group when this went down.

  19. I was a senior in high school. Summer of ‘03 I was in Marine Corps Boot Camp.

  20. Skeletor did say there are two kinds of people, and we should avoid them both.

  21. I wish there was more videos on YouTube of people flying these sort of planes instead of airliners on msfs. Great screen shots! Can’t believe how real this game looks sometimes.

  22. Mechanicals are meant for the trash can. If OP had been using a quality fixed blade we would very likely congratulating him on his buck.

  23. I used a Rage Hypodermic NC on my Mulie at 40 yards (65 lb bow with 29” draw) on a slight quartering towards shot and hit double lung and broke the ribs. Ran 40 yards. Found him about 20 mins later and he was dead as can be with a massive wound channel. This thing was impressive. I wouldn’t use it on an Elk but it’s a killer on deer or antelope.

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