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  1. It’s been exceptionally beautiful lately. Classic fall weather. They say the fire is contained. I’d say, plan it.

  2. Wife and I made a trip to Venice this morning. First time getting up close to either the R1T and R1S. Blown away and placed a deposit on the R1S a few minutes ago. Going to be difficult deciding between colors but we have a long wait ahead of us before we have to confirm. I’m taking delivery of a Mach-E GTPE that I waited 7 months for so I can wait a while. I will be selling this when our Rivian build is complete! Tough choice between both the R1T and R1S. We have 3 boys ages 7, 5, and 2. We currently have a 3 row suv and the extra seating capacity helps at times.

  3. How long do you expect to wait? I put a deposit down and it said by the end of 2023

  4. Either the GT3 or the GT3RS driving wise. Looks wise I can’t choose between the Senna, Huayra or pur sport. 🤷‍♀️

  5. Can I pm you for more info? I'm interested in finding out what broker you used and how much their fee is? Or can you messag eme their info?

  6. It only includes a 110V charging cable with a standard outlet. You’d need to purchase and install a 240V EVSE if you want quicker charging which can usually be purchased either hardwired or with a 14-50 or 6-50 plug.

  7. You can get different plugs. You'll have to see what you have at your house and get that one. Once you know the kind you have at the house this is a good brand. This will only do 240v at 16 amps though (3.3kwh), so the fastest this will charge is 4.5 hours. Under the pictures it'll give you options for plugs. You just have to match up what you have at your house.

  8. Damn! I’m in Texas too, I lived in Fort Collins for about a year. You will enjoy that beast in CO! Just be prepared for it eating gas faster than you can believe haha

  9. I have the stock tires on my 2006 and they are nice on the highway, they do not perform well on snow and ice. I’m thinking about the BF Goodrich All Terrain KO. I’d like a bigger tire but then don’t fuel economy and handling become a trade off?

  10. I don’t know, if I had that warehouse and the money, I don’t think I’d fill it with those cars.

  11. Quick answer: lots of old Porsches from Speedster to 356 through 80s and 90s. Some old MBZ maybe a long 600 and SL convertible, some old restored Range Rovers, a classic Bronco, a sweet Landcruiser, a super Fat Audi or two or three, a v12 BMW, Sprinter van loaded to the gills, list goes on and on…. : )

  12. Heavenly Friday to beat the crowd. Kirkwood Saturday because it’s usually less crowded in general. Northstar will be packed on Saturday and parking is a nightmare (fills up fast and shuttles are very slow)

  13. Agree, go super early, be in front of the bell curve, get good parking, wait in line for lifts to open, lunch at 11:00, ski till 3, beat traffic out, apres early, eat, bed early, repeat.

  14. Seems fine. It’s not super cold, mid 20s to high 40s. But due to the cold, my rides are shorter than in warmer months.

  15. I have a good one for you. Last Sunday waiting for chair 2 to open, a husky runs up stump alley about 100 yards and takes a dump on the run then runs back to the parking lot. A sno cat coming down stump alley goes straight toward the parking lot. The snow cat driver gets out follows the dog back to the owner and makes him clean it up. It was classic walk of shame pay back for the irresistible owner of the dog.

  16. Share your process! There are so many ways to do this, with some methods lasting days, and others with similar effort, lasting far longer than factory “protection”

  17. I ran them on the rear. Somewhere, a long time ago I heard that a 4 wheel drive w chains on the front is preferred as you have control of steering and braking. I did notice some drifting on the front tires which was uncomfortable. If the clearance was not an issue, could they go on the front? How does the all wheel drive work? Is it primarily rear and front when it detects a slide?

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