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  1. And Christian Nationalists wonder why religion and religious affiliations are dropping every census.

  2. I had someone lecture me about how the youth has rejected god and morality and that's why Christianity is losing members.

  3. Thing is, Biden knows this, he’s just doing a bit of political theater for the gun reform crowd without using any political capital

  4. Or he's showing that there is actual support for gun control and reminding people that this isn't as toxic as a thing as they might be told they are by the special interest propaganda and lobbying.

  5. Right? It's all marketing to get people to believe the deals are better than they actually are.

  6. What are the chances those poor children are just dying to grow up and leave their parent’s nonsense behind?

  7. I was always shocked that the society of the 80's allowed the Satanic Panic to happen. Now in 2022 I'm shocked that we haven't had more of them.

  8. As a person who thinks homosexuality and trans comes from mental illness, this guy is a extremist

  9. Why do you think that? You are objectively wrong. We have loads of medical professionals who have weighed in on this. It's not on us to "form an opinion". It's on us to read the research and understand what the medical communities consensus is.

  10. Extremists are grounded in your own beliefs 😐

  11. The worst part is that these people will scream black and blue that they Gov assistance, they want a stronger economy, they want better jobs, they want a higher minimum wage. But these are all things Democrats can deliver. There is only so much you can do to save a man hanging off a cliff who refuses to pull himself up and listens to the Republican at the bottom of the cliff screaming at him to let go

  12. Democracts can deliver that but more importantly we have the power to demand that.

  13. Oh, yeah, if you can cook watching Wubby try to cook is an exercise in frustration.

  14. Hate to say this but I hope there’s armed security at this event, civilians or otherwise

  15. I think the day is coming when there will be civilians who show up to these things ready to fucking go.

  16. I've hear conservatives say they are stronger because they like guns.

  17. The link to the article is right there if you want to read the whole thing, though it is paywalled which is why I posted the twitter link instead.

  18. Found a paywall-free version if you want yo have a read:

  19. I'm disappointed he was able to get up and leave the hospital today.

  20. I have trouble believing he's only 230 lbs at that height. Maybe he just has a really wide face but I would have assumed he was well into the obese range.

  21. Totally. I saw the video of that fat bitch surrendering to the police after threatening his mom with a home made bomb and he is morbidly obese.

  22. If I’m being honest, this isn’t the first time this particular player has caused grief. His goals for his character have been inconsistent from one game session to another (hunting grimoires, then seeking forbidden knowledge, then wanting to be the Fullmetal Alchemist, then just wanting to be useful, then wanting to completely change the rules around Rotes, and now wanting something from the Free Council).

  23. Ugh, that is annoying. Some players....a rash of terrible players drove me away from finding a group. Which sucks, I'd love to do some more - even pbp games - but finding people who are committed is tough. I think a lot of people see the game as superfluous (which it kind of is) but we as storytellers put a ton of effort into that and players need to respect the time we put in.

  24. I think the problem might be is that he's looking at it as if it's a character class. The Free Council just is. They seek magic in the ebb and flow of human societal movements. It's a metaphysical ideology that a character is attracted to for one reason or another.

  25. Wait what? Bill spent the entire hour and a half talking about absolute nonsense. He was probably the highest I’ve seen him yet on Club Random.

  26. I tried to watch his interview with Weird Al and I had to shut it off. Maher is either too high or he's losing it because that podcast was Bill talking about himself with Weird Al nearby.

  27. I am well aware that conservatives are a great help to keeping the Second Amendment alive without it, deteriorating and challenged, but at the end of the day I will continue to vote progressive, because I have more to lose in a conservative utopia than I do in a progressive society. Like seriously, how do these individuals expect for marginalized groups of people to vote alongside their political beliefs, when they do nothing but fear monger and disenfranchised people. So glad they lost the Senate and hopefully this will be a wake up call to them that generation Z and millennials aren’t fucking around.

  28. They're white knuckling it. Republicans were so craven, so shitty, and so depraved that they allowed themselves to be taken over by extremists. There are no good conservatives. Never really has been. But now the conservatives want to kill LGBTQ people.

  29. It's always been known to be a terrible method. It's expensive, difficult, and unethical. And unnecessarily so.

  30. I'm not lying. You're being lazy. But at any rate, here are the links:

  31. The only thing that is lazy is not backing up your claims. That's how this is done. That should have been hammered into your head with every single paper you had to write in high school. Because considering the source is a basic life skill. You are not credible. Good sources are.

  32. I'm always curious how this actually goes down. We've all had to ask for more sauce, has anyone gotten denied? What triggers these psychos to pull a gun?

  33. Really? I'm surprised. It looks painful. I figured people were just suffering for beauty!

  34. Nah it’s eyesafe glue specifically for makeup. Some warm water will get it off just fine 😂

  35. Oh good. Still though I think I'd freak out. I watched a girl pull her fake eyelashes off once and that looked super painful. Probably more painful than it was.

  36. It’s an analysis of the science and they source their shit. You’ve now spent more time downvoting and arguing with an internet stranger than you have evaluating the thing you’re arguing about. Life is too short— stop wasting time and just listen. The worst that could happen is it makes you reevaluate your understanding, the best that could happen is a deeper understanding. Win win.

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