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  1. MB here. This sounds like an INSANE person, but in my profession, it is the norm that you’re not allowed to smoke marijuana and you’re subject to random drug screening. My current position states that even though we live in Chicago. I agree it doesn’t make sense, because they can’t tell me not to drink alcohol, but it is still very common 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. IR emitter or receiver. Part of an IR blaster system.

  3. I’m a gynecologic oncology fellow, so I look at vulvas ALLLLL day and I promise you, they are all so different. There is nothing wrong with yours! It definitely can change with weight loss, but that is A-OK. Great job taking care of your body!

  4. Two weeks’ salary is not feasible for us, honestly, as our nanny gets 31/hour with 45 GH 😬 so we did $1,000 with a gift card to get her car detailed, a small photo book of the kids including a few pics of her with them, and a candle. The 2 weeks thing sounds so nice but how do you afford that at a time when you’re buying gifts for everyone, giving tips to everyone… that’s a LOT!

  5. Oh man. When we sent my in-laws the first picture of our son with his name, we immediately got back a message from my MIL saying “Oh, OP, quit messing with us. That name is too ugly for such a cute baby. Tell us what you’re actually naming him.” She was VERY embarrassed when she found out we weren’t joking…?

  6. Atticus. Both of my children have literary names and I was so excited to use it. What a weird joke that would have been if I had been kidding…?!!

  7. We’re in Chicago with 4f and 2m. Nanny does kids’ laundry, tidies up kitchen every day, keeps kids’ room neat with their help, preps kids’ meals only, drives our daughter to and from preschool. She gets $31/hour, GH for 45, paid holidays and vacations. She started at $27/hour and we gave her an anniversary raise + a little for inflation. She had 2 long-term NF before ours, in terms of experience.

  8. I feel you! Our first didn’t walk until 18 months and also scooted on her butt. I remember feeling a little embarrassment and even jealousy towards the parents whose kids were doing it already. Looking back, she was on track with other milestones and was a generally healthy and delightful child, so I wish I had just accepted it would happen in due course. Though I know it’s much easier saying that on this side of things. In general, if nothing else major is wrong, try to just love their quirk. Honestly we should be impressed our little innovators found a way to get around so efficiently. I do think once they learn to scoot, there is less motivation to walk, because they can get around so well.

  9. Our corgi (now gone), Franklin, used to go on long walks and even runs with us. He LOVED it. If he so much as glimpsed a leash, his butt would start shaking with excitement ❤️ and he would do the same thing after- just totally pass out. Love these dogs!

  10. I’m a surgeon and I can tell you it’s definitely normal! Not only do you gain tons of weight with fluids (10lb is not uncommon), which can take weeks to come off, but you’re also not moving nearly as much as you normally would, so your caloric expenditure is different. Additionally, part of the inflammatory process that naturally occurs after even fairly minor surgery can lead to skeletal muscle breakdown. Couple this with being less active than usual and your metabolism does slow down a little. But you’ll urinate off the fluid weight slowly and then you just have to work on building up muscle mass again. (Don’t worry- after an appendectomy, the muscle loss is probably pretty minimal).

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise! It is very true, I was pretty active before and now I cannot work out for a month. I was going to try and incorporate some light walks just to get my body moving again.

  12. Yes! Of course follow your own doctor’s specific guidance, but walking is amazing. Improves circulation, helps your body mobilize fluid, helps restore normal gut function, decreases risk of blood clots, helps expand lungs. It’s the best after surgery.

  13. WMWA says:

    We are booked to go to Royal Bahamian for our honeymoon this September I’m hoping to see pictures or reviews from people post renovations soon!

  14. How was your stay at Royal Bahamian? My husband and I are thinking of going there!

  15. We use DailyNanny because she can also track her hours, which are variable. It covers intake (milk/formula/food), output (diapers, potty trips), medicine, naps, activities. They can also take pictures and do cute stuff we don’t use it for.

  16. It’s our last hoorah before the seasonal depression sets in.

  17. There was a mass shooting yesterday and Halloween is one of the most dangerous days in Chicago.

  18. Yes, I know. And that is awful and horrendous. But a person can always legitimately say, “It’s a great day to be alive!” even on days when there are people being killed in terrorist attacks, drowning in mass flood, and dying of cancer. Joy and tragedy coexist in the world and it’s not wrong to point out the former.

  19. Truthfully, I find it very hard to imagine hiring a man at all. I’ve never interviewed one (never had one apply for our postings over the years), so maybe if I did, it would be different. But I just imagine the dynamics would be weird. And of course I absolutely hate that my mind jumps here, but I do have a little girl and I can’t help but feel more comfortable with a female nanny. I imagine I would feel the same about a trans man as a cis man.

  20. I would talk to the parents about judicious use of screen time at these times. We generally told ours no screen time, but I cannot imagine not allowing her to use screen time for this! Our nanny started feeling sick this week while my husband and I were both in surgery so we just told her to put a movie on and lay on the couch until we could get home. I mean… it’s what I would do if I was taken out by an illness; it’s not really fair to expect the nanny to somehow go beyond what you as a parent would/can do.

  21. Are you talking about the Tangled soundtrack? Because her main song is so underrated!

  22. It’s definitely better to have gotten the flu shot if you get the flu. It unequivocally decreases the severity of the disease.

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