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  1. Checking in to see how you're holding up!

  2. I am masking 10 hours most days. But I am imagining the days wearing a mask 24 hours and probably gonna get pretty irritating on the face. Living in close quarters probably means the mask utility is going down. So if it were my kid, up to date on the vaccine and booster, I will send without masks and hope for the best. If another booster is due I would time it to 3 weeks before camp starts. That's the best bang for buck.

  3. The only N95 models that I know that have adjustable head straps that may be more forgiving are the cup style like Moldex, Milwaukee, AOK/Soft Seal. The alternatives to Aura thread that was posted a few days ago had some trifolds that had adjustable head straps but I think those were international

  4. I have long hair, and love my moldex smart strap. I have also seen photos and videos of the Flo elastomeric with a halo strap on long hair, but I have not tried it myself.

  5. Which kind of mask do you use? Maybe we can find somewhere that's less expensive.

  6. You guys are making me rethink leaving my handkerchiefs at home. I usually only have one if my allergies have been bad, because my eyes water a lot and at this point everybody knows that I dab the corners of my eyes with a cute handkerchief :-)

  7. Honestly, I've seen several of these at the local goodwill or thrift store. Peruse their travel tumbler section before buying new so you can see if it meets your needs. Poshmark has all these brands too.

  8. My understanding is that something like 10% of the country hasn’t had it. And we are still in the worst time of year. In fact, I’m waiting for 2 consecutive winters with minimal issues to decide that its over. Until then, go as few places as possible, only outside or inside with a mask.

  9. I don't know about the restaurant thing. It completely depends on the HVAC of that restaurant. I think there was a peer-reviewed article that showed eating in restaurants is one of the riskiest things you can do.

  10. Where do you typically buy the masks from? Do you order online or try to find at Home Depot / in stores? Thank you so much!

  11. All online. When I was first trying to find N95s that fit, I bought a bunch at Home Depot and Lowe's cause they let me return the ones I didn't like. But they're generally more expensive than online. Look on here though for warnings about Amazon sellers vs reputable sellers (likes Project 95) who check to ensure masks aren't fake.

  12. Do you have a recommendation for a reputable site that you liked? I was super excited and bought a bunch of KF94s to test but unfortunately I felt like none of them were snug enough and I could still smell smoke / bad odors outside, etc., so looking to switch to more comfortable N95s (my current N95s from Home Depot leaves painful imprints on my face in a circular shape)

  13. It really depends on which masks you end up getting, and which country you're ordering from. Project95 is great and has a good mission, Armbrust is good and sells a sample pack, and Digikey will send you their masks in low order numbers (1 or 2) at cost.

  14. We've had good luck going back to physical schools with no infections (due to extreme care and masking) so far. Let me share our strategies and some other details. Knock on wood that our luck will hold. My apologies about this wall of text but there's a lot I want to share with you on this.

  15. This is an incredibly wonderful post and as another parent who's kiddo is the only masked, I'm learning a lot from you.

  16. The failure of people to vaccinate their kiddos is depressing but unsurprising given how long every authority spent downplaying COVID in kids for the sake of getting schools open and restrictions dropped. You can’t tell people it’s no big deal and then be shocked when they act like it’s no big deal…

  17. THIS. I have a family member that I was able to convince to get vaccinated when it first came out, but none of their 4 kids have got it because "they've had it twice and it wasn't that bad."

  18. Pleating the filter is hard and changes how you interface it with the mask. The flat filter designs are much "simpler" and is why you see many manufacturers using it. Long term it's bad plan as you can't ever get more breathable without a re-tool and sales are likely never enough to support it, so you get stuck in the "valley of despair"

  19. Honestly, I think this is where Air99 is. The pleating is done by hand and takes an hour.

  20. Unfortunately I'm not very loud! But I may just have to be shouty that day... or gesticulate a lot!

  21. Worth noting that if you're shouting all day your throat will be sore the next day - maybe have some nice tea that evening and the next morning!

  22. I was just thinking this too. We all deserve happiness.

  23. And by propaganda, I think you mean BS. With a capital B capital S.

  24. Well, she’s about to release a book: “Endemic: a Post Pandemic Playbook”.

  25. JFC I wish she would go away. She is harming so many people by contributing to this science fiction.

  26. This, plus I care enough to ask them about doing an education session with parents from an RD. We did this with our last daycare (low-income, strip mall-type daycare), and after the RD did the education session for parents, the daycare made some changes to their weekly menu. For example, they switched from multi-grqin Cheerios to plain Cheerios. It wasn't huge, but within the USDA funding restrictions they got, they started to choose the more healthy option and add more veggies as snacks rather than carbs.

  27. I have this internal debate with myself every time my work/setting means I compromise my boundaries.

  28. Yeap, if you feel leaks,better choose 3M 9320+ or 1862+

  29. I don't know which number is the "healthcare" version of Moldex air. It has grippy foam around the entire mask because it's meant to protect from liquids splashing, and it has an impeccable seal. Hard to find cause you need a medical distributor, but Moldex has a list and can help you navigate that.

  30. I’d do a bifold style for the earloop masks. In my experience, non-mask people find trifolds confusing to put on. Once they get used to that style, they love them, but in my proselytizing days I found almost everyone automatically picked bifolds over KF-style.

  31. My love for VFlex probably biased me strongly. Thanks for the reality check since the goal is something that people will actually wear :-)

  32. Build some CorsiRosenthal boxes?

  33. That's actually a great idea. Lemme talk to her about the room dimensions.

  34. I was wondering why I got that! Thanks for sharing :-)

  35. And trolls: both the right wing and the liberal "we're in a new phase" variety.

  36. I wonder if they hang out in pro covid spaces that we can go visit to disagree with them 😜

  37. Yup - talked to my doc before I got COVID and she recommended a GFR test so I have my kidney health on record.

  38. Yup. Exactly on the Public Health Emergency timing (PHE), but also the end of funding for the federal supply.

  39. It’s been a few days - did you end up getting it? I’m hoping that somehow you may have avoided it.

  40. I was wondering the same thing!

  41. I use their hand and house cleaning products as well as the laundry! I just rebought the dishwasher tabs as they work well enough for my lack luster dishwasher, but I did not repeat buy the powdered dish soap. Just not as strong as needed sometimes!

  42. Agree on their dish tabs. I switched to Clean Cult dishwasher tabs and have no complaints - they actually clean!

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