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  1. Bet the X100X coming out 2023 with a new 40mp sensor 😂

  2. I earn way more than my SO and I pay way more than she does. I actually pay just about everything, she pays just her parts like her car and her phone etc. Even after paying ALL of the bills, I still have way more left over than she does, and I still get to buy whatever I want, pay for trips etc.

  3. It won’t make a difference, that anyone could tell. The biggest difference it would make is it could potentially be more comfortable in your hands which could make you want to use it more. I ended up with a XT4 because I rented one and loved the ergonomics and features. It made me want to take pictures way more than my Sony camera. Through using it more often, my pictures got better.

  4. I just don’t like taking it all the time. Feels like I’m boxing up my natural self in a cage and I need to let him out too. I have learned to love myself with or without meds so I only use my meds when I feel like I really need them. Sometimes I can go weeks without them, sometimes I can’t go a day without them. Depends on my work load and what’s going on.

  5. Churning through jobs and getting low performance feedback will eat your soul alive. It is kinda stressful and I can't imagine churning jobs every 8 weeks. I'd have to reprogram my DNA to simply NGAF. An experienced dev can make 200-300k at one job. At 2J your TC rivals VPs at FANNG that are sweating and putting in 60+ hours a week with 0 WLB. Why anyone would want to ruin that by reaching for 10 is just insanity, even 3J at a high-level I simply don't believe anyone can do long term.

  6. I agree. My jobs are VERY lax so between the two I only have to work maybe 20 hours a week to make a little over 100k between both, but I make sure that I at least meet, and preferably exceed the expectations of both. I was just given a raise and a promotion at J2 because of my “outstanding” performance, which is crazy cause i maybe put in 3 hours a day for that job. I’ve been at J1 for almost 5 years and quite literally started at the bottom and moved my way up. I don’t feel bad for what I’m doing anymore, because it’s kind of like if you hire a plumber. Typically they will quote you a price based on the job, not hourly. You agree on that and whether it takes 2 hours or 4, you pay them the same. What I’m doing is not different. They expect me to do certain things, I do them, and even do extra sometimes. But the idea of a company hiring someone to go above and beyond is dead, because they aren’t going above and beyond for their employees by keeping wages up with inflation. Their profits just get larger and larger.

  7. When you stop relying on others for comfort your life will be a lot easier. I’m not saying we don’t need other people, we definitely do. But expecting people to be a certain way sets us up for disaster.

  8. Its the small things crack me up. No tolerance for frustration at all. Big problems I can deal with, its the fucking stupid stuff blows my lid

  9. And this is normal I think for ADHD people. I used to blow up at the dumbest things, and still do on occasion. Like when I’m trying to pull a cable out of a drawer and it’s somehow magically attached to every other cable, or when I am mopping and the mop strand somehow wraps around the chair leg, shit drives me mad 😂 but also we aren’t robots. One thing that helped me was saying things like “I wanted this to happen, it’s so great!” And somehow being sarcastic with myself made me actually not get as mad about said things.

  10. Nothing is missing, it’s nice enough. Save your money and enjoy what you have!

  11. I feel like I’ve gotten worse since getting diagnosed. It’s almost like I make excuses now as to why I can’t function instead of just forcing myself to do stuff like I used to. I would always procrastinate, would be super disorganized as I proceeded through life and had so much damn trouble concentrating but now putting a label on it almost makes me immediately give up.

  12. I switched from Sony to Fuji as well, and thats when I fell in love with photography. The Sony just never excited me. It was super sharp, AF was great, but I spent so much time trying to emulate Fuji film stock emulations, and tinkering around with menus, it just never excited me.

  13. I moved from X system to Sony full frame. Still have the X system, but that doesn't get much use. I wanted the dynamic range of 36mm, which I could not get with X-Trans sensors unfortunately. I'm not saying X is not a good system, contrary to that actually. But for landscape photography, I came across too many limitations.

  14. I just do 3 bracket exposures on a tripod for landscapes If I want the best quality. Typically this works for me and gives me a ton of dynamic range.

  15. With a travel camera I feel better having weather sealing. But I couldn’t justify the price tag for the x100v to be locked into a single focal length. I wanted something versatile so the XT-4 won for me. My travel kit includes the 10-24WR, 33mm 1.4WR and 50-230. This covers me from hiking, landscapes, city scapes, details, low light, street photography, etc. I know the X100 can technically do all of that too though, but I love being able to go as low as 10mm and as high as 230 with my travel kit. I typically use my 10-24 for most stuff (usually between 16-23mm, occasionally going between 10-14 when shooting large interiors, or certain architectural shots) and keep the cheap XC lens in the bag just in case since it’s pretty light. At night I only bring the 33mm.

  16. I appreciate you taking the time to respond with so much great information.

  17. Glad I could help! Food is definitely important and it’s a very easy thing to forget when medicated. My worst come downs have always been the days I’m so productive that I forget to eat. Just don’t eat for a whole day without meds and see how bad it can be. Now add a stimulant come down on top of those already bad feelings and wallah! Even worse Shitty comedown.

  18. I've got the 50-230 and want a bit more reach otherwise I'm happy. Is the extra weight worth that extra 70mm?

  19. I’m in the same boat 😂 I just bought a 50-230 OIS II version for 150 and was like “should I spend $650 more for the 70-300?”

  20. Not very heavy on my Xt4. Might be a little heavy on a XS/XE body

  21. Nice! I got one about a month ago and love it so far mainly for video, great sharp shot and really cool at the 20mm equivalent, makes videos feel very cinematic when you want to have a lot in frame. Also AF is really good.

  22. The 10-24 is also a good one to have when the need arises, but in in the big wide open spaces, mountains, water features of the West, it can be too wide. And little good that does for near focus when the edges are softish. 16-55 takes care of most needs, along with something like the 50-140 or another tele zoom.

  23. I guess to each their own. Out west is where I prefer the ultra wide look 🤷‍♂️ just gotta try to utilize foreground objects, it’s definitely a little more challenging to get a good shot but when I get them, they are some of my favorite. back east where I’m usually at it’s not so great, I’d rather have the 16-55. But more importantly to me than anything when hiking is weight. This is the main reason I got rid of my 16-55. Otherwise it’s an incredible lens.

  24. When I first started I thought every landscape needed to be shot with the 10-24 until i realized even towering mountains or waterfalls right in front of me would barely fill the frame, squished into a band. Most of the best compositions were in the 16-18 range, so the 16-55 made more sense to keep on the camera. At least for me, everyone's needs will vary.

  25. Yea this is why when people say “this is the best lens for x kind of photography” on YouTube I’m like yea, maybe to you 😅. Photography is highly personal. I kept the 10-24 because I find myself wanting to use it more than any other lens. II do also own the viltrox 13, and i love it as well, but it’s more for lowlight, video and Astro. I really just enjoy the wide end of things I guess.

  26. I’ve only been OE for 5 months. In that time I’ve paid off like 15k of debt (all my cc debt and a few other small loans), took a few trips to other states, funded a few things for my favorite hobby (which may end up making me money) and am now in the process of getting a LONG trip together to go to Europe.

  27. Why not just work remotely from Europe while traveling? Look at Portugal for a residence permit, and you'd only pay US taxes (no state tax if you last state wasn't California).

  28. I’m actually doing this on the tail end of my trip, staying in Portugal for about a month. After x amount of time in Portugal, you gotta start paying taxes apparently which I think a US company has to withhold? Not entirely sure but my goal is to get a job at an international company the next year or two so I can go back longer, unless I can just withhold Portuguese taxes myself. I have a few ins with a few big companies, just waiting to get my skill set to a place where I’m ready to apply.

  29. I know someone that was initially diagnosed with BPD by two psychiatrists, and after getting several opinions, was told by their current therapist that they actually had mild PTSD. The therapist really dug into my friends past before diagnosing them. They struggled bad with relationships, lost friends constantly, etc. Now after a few years of therapy (I think they did EMDR) they are a million times better. When they were diagnosed with BPD they just threw random pills at them which actually made it worse.

  30. If you have to, you have to. Maybe slowly taper down to a smaller dose to be a little extra safe.

  31. I’m not saying Louisiana is a bad place to go, but honestly there are so many other places I’d rather go to.

  32. In February New Orleans will be much warmer than New Mexico or Colorado

  33. True, forgot about the February part 😂. If OP doesn’t like cold I’d stick to the south for sure, New Orleans, Alabama, Texas, Florida etc. Or Nevada, Arizona, southern cali, etc.

  34. I think meditation is probably the best thing for ADHD. It literally is the exact “cure” to our over active minds. We can’t stop the fact that we have a million thoughts going through our heads all at once which often distracts us, but we can slowly learn to give each thought less and less power, through the practice of meditation.

  35. What you are describing as cancelling is literally just people using their free speech to criticize someone else. How is that an issue? Are you saying the “woke movement” isn’t allowed to criticize people for what they say and do?

  36. Yea, this is a very good point. Thanks for pointing that out. This is why I like to have these conversations.

  37. It's clear you've never been in a communist country and you have never considered capitalist countries relationship with their media.

  38. I actually have, I’m third generation in a family that comes from a communist country. And ultimately all media in America is owned by someone with an agenda, usually political.

  39. Yes. I graduated high school with a B ish average (I struggled hard junior year which brought my 4.0 down) but went on and finished my bachelors, started a new career, bought a house, etc. This was all undiagnosed. I struggled ALOT to get all that done, procrastinated my way through my life, made a bunch of dumb financial decisions and went bankrupt, but I’m still here and doing ok now, actually fairly well I’d say.

  40. lol yes. I have a new unused 12mm f2 AF rokinon / Samsung lens I got but never used really and got the 16mm f1.4 instead. Trying to offload the 12mm now to reduce GAS.

  41. Never tried the 16 1.4 but seems like people absolutely love it. I love wide angle photography especially with a fast aperture, the viltrox 13 is amazing.

  42. I once tried gfx and bought single lens for 3000 cad and asked myself wtf am I doing with this crazy gear lol. Sold it later took a slight loss. Now I have xe4, and x100v. Both suit me better.

  43. That’s quite the swing there 😂 the Xe4 is what I would buy as a second body if I really felt like I needed one. Love the size of it.

  44. Use MSI afterburner monitor to check GPU core/mem clocks and power draw, also make sure you use demanding game or better benchmark (unigene heaven is ok) to properly stress GPU

  45. I ended up updating my bios and getting it to work, after discovering that it was thinking I still had a 65 watt usb c power adapter plugged in.

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