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  1. I love screenshots that use vanilla 2035 units

  2. Like every amateur photographer, had to get a picture of their camera taken with a worse camera so people know

  3. I just wanted to get a video of the sunrise and didn't feel like moving the camera :(

  4. I didn't realize it was a video and was about to wonder why it was the saddest sunset I've ever seen. BTW I've never needed a tripod for shooting sunrise or sunset. Why are you using one? Time-lapse?

  5. No, I'm just a super shaky person. I can't keep the camera still for the life of me lol

  6. Spectral arrows because you double your arrow amount when you craft them.

  7. Love the image, but it’s a shame the wrist is a little bit munted

  8. Yea, I noticed after I had already posted it :(

  9. Good kit and the discipline not to shoot civs??? Unlikely lol

  10. Prior to swapping to the Ratnik kit, they actually had a good amount of optics and gear. Since the AK12 doesn't utilize the normal AK mounting system, it basically rendered the optics useless. I genuinely think the swap to Ratnik fucked them over lmao

  11. Yeah this picture isn’t recent, too many leaves. I was up here a couple of weeks ago and we decided to turn back because of all the ice on the trail. But it for sure isn’t snow covered all winter or anything.

  12. Yeah, this isn't recent. I took this a while ago just before winter began.

  13. Great screenshot, dude! I love it when screenshotters use public mods like RHS and CUP over the usual private mods.

  14. I've never seen this happen, you sure the dude didn't ragdoll himself with the ragdoll mod and the physics pushed him off the tree? I know people will run this mod if the server isn't enforcing no clientside mods.

  15. I'm sure he didn't, as the ragdoll mod doesn't knock you out when using it.

  16. Overhaul all the biomes like how the Wild Update was going to with the birch forests. I'm still butthurt about that update

  17. Why are they standing up when there is an explosion next to them?

  18. I still play it on my pc from time to time. Fantastic game.

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