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  1. I dont know anything anout Telos, justhope its better than the FTX partnership ... this isnt FUD, Im ready to be hurt again. LfG

  2. Telos is the ancient Greek term for an end, fulfilment, completion, goal or aim

  3. sounds like the price of gold is being artificially suppressed. Maybe there's more paper gold in circulation than there is actual gold in the world?

  4. Its Great for fraud! Everything about this sentence sets off 2000 red flag alarms

  5. Its never occured to me that I could type "google superstonk" on sites I visit.

  6. That's a common old-timey phrase in the US. It means he really fell for it. Nothing to do with actual guns.

  7. Flying to lisbon now, driving down to Faro when landing, is Kenny still there? Anything i should look out for?

  8. Sorry for delay replying: MF1 left Faro and went to Cascais earlier today. Now at Nice Côte d’Azur.

  9. No worries, guess I'll just do the traditional vacation things then 😀 . Love the good work you do!

  10. "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws."

  11. He was a CIA asset. This was just the US cleaning up another mess they likely created.

  12. It should honestly be ALL profits plus a percentage for the fine, rather than just a percentage of profits.

  13. My mom is dead so I got a gift card for myself.

  14. Happy Mothers Day to all the momma apes out there!

  15. Hey, I spent a semester studying abroad in Barcelona last spring. You will not be disappointed with this city. IMO the nightlife is the best of any city I've been to (and I've been to quite a few). So many different combos of restaurants, bars, and clubs. The info below has been compiled by me and some friends and I think it'll help you out!

  16. "Hey! Remember when we were like 'fuck this cancer-curing' company, and naked shorted their ass into oblivion, good times!"

  17. Regardless of what they own this what they have sold their customers.

  18. Don't forget the broker in Switzerland that has 1 million also

  19. Scandinavian brokers got 1-2 mill, and what about germany (zey own ze float!), France, UK, Australia, "ants" etc xx millions

  20. I'm gonna blow that whistle even harder!!

  21. He also said “typically” 10 to 20% of shares are held in DTC but GameStop is not a typical stock. There’s no absolute wording there that prevents 80 or 90% of shares from being held in DTC.

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