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Almost Twice as Many Republicans Died From COVID Before the Midterms Than Democrats

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  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡

  2. Oh, its the victims fault when they develop myocarditis? or theyre telling lies for money? right?

  3. This is the problem with this sub. You misread and misrepresent what is said and then confidently attack or accept it based on your misconception.

  4. A little too late for that. VAERS indicated this a long time ago.

  5. Thank you! Glad you are feeling way better!!!

  6. Thanks! Try something different if you need anything to for awhile. Is it LPR or Gerd? Ultimately its the same, they just present with different symptoms depending where the damage is. But theyre treated the same.

  7. I have both. I was totally fine and then took a supplement that I think irritated my stomach or esophagus or both (although I had no pain ) - I started having mad heartburn after every meal. EVERY MEAL! It didn't go away in 6 weeks so I got onto a PPI. 7 weeks on PPI now.

  8. So my symptoms were terrible. No heartburn, but every other damn thing. Actually had a sore throat for 6 months, globus (which feels like a damn gobstopper in your throat), no voice. Had to literally whisper, massive GI issues. It was terrible. It didnt even gradually heal. 7 months in, some things were better but still felt terrible. Literally cleared up over the course of like 3 days after 8 months. Youre on the right path, just be patient. Youll be back to normal soon - but it sucks waiting to the day.

  9. whether jabbed or not, inflamation is the enemy and must be kept at bay.

  10. Its crazy to me, as someone perhaps a little older than most redditors, nearing 50 these days, that this is even a thing. One of the things we were taught well young was that free speech, was a sacred right and necessary even if we didnt like, or despised the opinions. We were taught about Skokie, i doubt it is today, but perhaps im wrong.

  11. We definitely need the free-text response in this data. They also should come out and address the VAERS system at this point. No reason at all this data should have been released only because of a court order.

  12. They made their bed too fast. Already proven. Trust the $cience!!!

  13. Youre likely quite alright. If it were me, and you have insurance, i’d ask for a D-Dimer if i was really concerned.

  14. Absolutely think its real. Think the spike protein is the common denominator.

  15. You get more of that shit with vaxs.

  16. I dont disagree. Think the best way to approach is containment as soon as possible with a zinc ionosphore combination.

  17. This article downplays how common long COVID is -- there's no "long flu" -- and how many HIDDEN deaths happen: Excess deaths are up, greatly, and 2022 is just as bad as 2021. And people are dying from strokes, heart attacks, embolisms and the like post-COVID. Letting this rip with zero mitigation is risky.

  18. The excess deaths are also up in those who never had covid.

  19. Is the hypothesis on an increase in excess deaths amongst those who never had COVID that they didn’t get traditional medical care in a timely manner?

  20. That is most definitely a possible and likely to account for some of it. Especially things like cancer detection. Still dont know.

  21. Lets just call it Spike Protein Disease. Take it from a needle or breathe it in. Avoid as much as possible while living your life.

  22. There’s no reason to think the vast majority can’t be false. As far as I am aware, many reports don’t even claim causation.

  23. Possible, yes? But that would also be a massive gamble of human life. Any reasonable professional assigned to such a task cant take that risk.

  24. How do you figure that? Avoiding the vaxx because of unconfirmed reports would also be a massive gamble of human life.

  25. Thats why you’d need to confirm them. So you know whether to hault the shot or not. We’ve pulled vaccines off the public before.

  26. No; there is both long haul covid and long haul vaccine. If you have long haul from either one, you have long haul covid. Which means, yes, it is not a good thing for you to catch covid - you do not want it.

  27. I agree with you. Even unvaccinated friends of mine are complaining of some long term effects from the virus, however, they seemed to take a lot more time in getting better from covid generally. Reasonable to hypothesize that there was too much spike protein being replicated for too long?

  28. She doesn’t even work for HHS, Pfizer, or Moderna so obviously this is dangerous misinformation. Safe and effective follow the science and wear 2-3 masks or else!

  29. And, had no intention to share this data with the people after they basically lied and said all was well. Thankfully, someone recorded and released this. Blackout on MSM, and now we're moving into the bivalent booster rollout.

  30. You gotta catch up with your talking points … here I’ll help you out … the latest one is from the CDC saying they will no longer differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated people , both parties now have the same guidances. And also if you test positive you no longer have to quarantine … Oh and males under age 40 have a myocarditis from vaccine at a higher rate from vaccination than from infection . Ouch … facts hurt feelings …

  31. Let's also not forget, the CDC has removed the statement that the spike protein doesnt remain long. Do we even have studies to show long it does remain? If the spike protein is toxic, doesn't remain in injection location, and can be found weeks? months? who knows how long after in the body - why would we even be surprised to be seeing this data coming in at this point? VAERS warned us, it was ridiculed and ignored. Injecting 2 billion people or a trillion doesn't matter if the other half of the equation relies on time. I dont know. Even if this ends tomorrow, this was absolutely a reckless move to take.

  32. Me and my significant other have avoided covid this whole time up until 2 weeks ago. We finally got it. They opted for the Paxlovid and I used IVM.

  33. Just curious, did you use the IVM in combination with Zinc, and in what amount?

  34. I believe SoundCloud has a mastering suite that does exactly what you described. IIRC they use Dolby atmos, not sure about other online tools

  35. You wont get Covid. Well, you might get covid but wont spread it. Well, you can spread it, but you wont go to the hospital. Well, you might go to the hospital, but you wont die. Well, it does nothing, but get it because I told you to do it.

  36. Bossche has his theory of exactly why this is happening. I could try to articulate it, but it would be far better to listen to him from the source.

  37. It has a lot of built in features that make things easy on the fly, slide notes are nice, and it actually is coded in a way that is unique from any other DAW: You can use the note colors to specify what notes slide to each other. This can give you very interesting results, like making chords slide to each other in a progression based on specific note changes.

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