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  1. Tsubasa is the name specifically of the Muramatsu headjoint with wings.

  2. Unfortunately no, but they would damage the instrument.

  3. Thank you for your response! Unfortunately, I’d need to travel over two hours to even get it looked at.

  4. A lot of people ship instruments in for repair.

  5. You can use Sharpie marker (removes with isopropyl alcohol wipes)

  6. Buying a flute that retails new for under $500 USD isn't going to be a great investment. They aren't build to last, nor be repaired (especially the $89-350 versions, which have a typical life span of 3-12months)

  7. Thanks for the input! FYI, this is Canadian $, I should have specified. Anyway, out of curiosity, what would you consider a good quality student flute? (or the approx price of one)

  8. Trevor James, Di Zhao, Jupiter, Pearl - Yamaha are also good but much more expensive for the same quality.

  9. Feel free to message me, I'm in BC Canada

  10. The closest current Yamaha flute to this is YFL222. They look quite different now though because with the transition from thr YFL 221 to the YFL 222 the flutes gained pointed key arms.

  11. Cleaning dirty from the outside tube (very carefully)

  12. sorry for the bombardment of questions, but why does it need to be very carefully?

  13. Because you don't want to just go in there scrubbing away or you can damage the pads.

  14. Easasers are a good option and come in various sizes I believe

  15. Cleaning during it is only useful of there's tons of spit buildup after playing for a couple hours or if your really spitty... but typically you don't play for that long and you can always just swab the end if needed.

  16. A lot of us actually swab the inside of the instrument multiple times while playing. It's extremely common especially in certain conditions

  17. I don't know, I own one and don't find its mechanism particularly loud. Also, in general, in a piccolo is very hard to think that the mechanism noise could outlive the actual sound...

  18. The pads themselves are loud, not the mech.

  19. What budget do you have for a new instrument?

  20. I had never thought of renting. Do you have any suggestions for places that do that? Also never heard of the Guo piccs...that looks like a good option! Thanks so much for your input. I really appreciate it.

  21. Where do you live (it's an international forum and I don't remember people's locations)

  22. Almost all the major chains will rent piccolos

  23. Try a sonare and an Azumi! Those two were my favorites! Pearl was third for me. I didn’t try a di zhao. But I heard they’re great too.

  24. Di Zhao and Sonaré are almost identical flutes (they're made in the same factory, and Di Zhao used to work for Powell)

  25. They don't play, they don't hold adjustment and they aren't serviceable.

  26. That's really interesting, I actually didn't know that but had been debating getting one just for the novelty.

  27. The parts are flimsy and poorly finished so adjustments will not stay. Also the cost of attempting to fix them, is more than the cost to buy them

  28. I know. I’ve seen the ¥ to $ conversion and it often mirrors the pricing of limited edition sports vehicles. 😭😮‍💨

  29. 24k jewellery and flute tubing are different universes

  30. I know that, but the issue isn’t the difference in product being made, but the overall perception of 24K being too soft in general.

  31. Do you have $80,000.00 for a 24k flute?

  32. For that amount of money, you'd be looking at a student flute (closed holes).

  33. okay, thank you for that information. i’ll probably stick to a closed hole flute then

  34. That would be the best choice. For what it's worth, I've played outdoor symphony concerts on a student closed hole flute!

  35. Just leave it alone - seriously. Stripping that stuff is a massive pain in the butt and not worth it.

  36. honestly, at that point you might as well take it into the shop and ask them what they can do. if something happens when they work on it, it's insured lol

  37. Finish removal typically requires a signed waiver which clearly states the shop isn't liable for alteration, damage etc.

  38. Happy to help - I walk a lot of players through this :)

  39. Something really inexpensive as those conditions and temperatures will pretty much destroy the instrument.

  40. If you want something upper intermediate or pro level I'd suggest Guo for the same reason.

  41. I love the Guo flutes, but if it's going to live (and die) in -10... I'd save the money and just do a Nuvo (for a number of reasons including economically replace-abilty)

  42. Please have it go to a technician. Do not attempt to clean it yourself.

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