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My wife thought it would be funny to throw me a vasectomy party. Here's the cake

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Innocent laughter

  1. The real joke is that anyone still believes anything Elon Musk or Tesla says about anything.

  2. NVM, just found out the answer on UDN. Apparently it's an limitation of unreal. Blueprints can only be debugged in PIE session. In order to properly debug an Editor Utility Widget, a workaround will be to click "Run Editor Utility Widget" first ( to start an instance of that class), then in the Blueprint Editor, attach it to this instance in Debug filter, and start any PIE session. And Voila, now the breakpoint works!

  3. This stopped working for me, as soon as you start any PIE session the debug object selection list empties.

  4. Monkey Pox is technically airborne it's not nearly as contagious via airborne particles as Small Pox, Flu or Covid.

  5. People are selfish, ignorant, lazy, whining babies.

  6. Theoretically yes, practically no, to wipe out Covid would require rational and moral behavior from the world's population; an impossibility.

  7. Masks and vaccines do work, humans are morons, therefore Covid will never be eradicated. If everyone was rational and moral, well the pandemic would have never happened in the first place.

  8. Everyone should always wear a mask in all public indoor spaces.

  9. Getting a vasectomy was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  10. Question, my wife wants me to get one. How painful is it the next day?

  11. Walked home from my vasectomy and was having sex the next day, no problems.

  12. But liberals and feminists and SJWs will all tell you wearing a hijab is a choice and tell you you're racist for not agreeing with them.

  13. It is a choice in the West, which is what people generally mean when they say it is a choice. They're not talking about Iran and Saudi Arabia. They're talking about Muslim women in free Western societies. Yes, some are pressured into wearing a hijab even then, but many have the option and choose to wear it. Some wear it some days but not others too.

  14. No, it's not a choice in the west, I knew an Muslim girl in California who would be beaten by her father if she didn't wear it. You are either delusional or a liar if you claim it's a choice.

  15. I sincerely hope you are making an attempt at humor.

  16. Given how stupid humans are and how rabid some of Rogan's fanbase is I can't assume.

  17. I believe faith is the root of all evil and hope is humanity's greatest weakness.

  18. Even if all this bullshit were true (none of it is) that still wouldn't prove gods exist and certainly wouldn't prove yours exists. Grow the fuck up.

  19. Body language exists, micro expressions exist, pheromones exist. It is very possible to read the emotions of others without them saying anything. None of this requires any form of supernatural or paranormal.

  20. But if, for example, Tacitus is "widely regarded as one of the greatest Roman historians by modern scholars" [Wikipedia] and he wrote about somebody named Christus, shouldnt we at least consider the fact that Jesus as a person existed?

  21. The Tacitus entry about Jesus is widely considered by historians to be a forgery.

  22. Why would you want to let go? The church deserves all the hate we can muster.

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