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  1. Hvor gamle er dine børn? Vi havde selv en lidt svær periode da mine var mellem 2-5 sådan cirka. Det blev bedre. Meget bedre.

  2. A lot of Metallica fans are going to have a lot of St. Anger after reading this joke

  3. That's One way to put it. It's Sad But True, Nothing Else Matters to these people. But it's really in The Eye of the Beholder.

  4. Matrix Reloaded is gonna be wild.

  5. Problemet (ét af dem, i al fald) med det her konspirationsfjolleri er, at der ligger virkelige problemer bag WEF og deslige.

  6. I wanna check out this Pals show...

  7. I know the term gets thrown around a lot, but... Gaslighting.

  8. No atheists in fox holes? No anti-vaxxers on death beds.

  9. 10-20 years ago, this sort of thing would have been a masculine flex. Society changes, attitudes change. I don't see you as having done anything judge-worthy.

  10. Never been a fan of Pulp Fiction.

  11. Så engang en der hed Bitsch til efternavn. Det er som sådan ikke så usædvanligt, og hans fornavn var også ret almindeligt. Han hed såmænd Leif.

  12. Power (which money is a type of) corrupts.

  13. Re-watched Inside Out the other day. So many onion-cutting ninjas were after me that night.

  14. Skab et interessant sted for dig selv inde i dit eget sind.

  15. They are trying to push the Overton Window farther to the Right. Even though in the US at this point it is so far right that it's on the neighbour's house.

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