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  1. "“The fact that there were no reported worker injuries from these safety hazards at the time of the inspection indicates the employer was lucky, not safe,” said Brown, a compliance safety and health officer for 18 years. “These are real safety hazards which can have real adverse consequences on people’s health and safety.”

  2. Amy's opened their San José facility a year ago, and is shutting it down now citing inflation and supply chain interruptions. This comes just days before workers were going to unionize. Amy's expects us to believe this isn't union busting – that they invested millions into a plant (and made renovations little as weeks ago) just to close it down a year later.

  3. For many of us, going vegan was about not wanting to contribute to the suffering of non-human animals. And when it comes to vegan ice cream, there are so many delicious flavors, brands, and varieties made with all sorts of plant-based milks, and the taste is amazing!

  4. As a vegan organization with a goal of lessening the suffering of non-human animals, we think it is essential that we advocate for the rights of those who pick our food.

  5. We're hiring for an Executive Director! Could it be you?

  6. Hey all! We're Food Empowerment Project, a vegan food justice organization. We've just launched

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